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Country Cooperative Initiative Recognizes Mountain Fever Records

Mountain Fever RecordsAs one of the younger bluegrass record labels to appear on the scene in the last few years, Mountain Fever Records has succeeded where a lot of record labels have failed. Service to the Artist. The label says, "our secret formula? It's almost the "Golden Rule" We just treat people the way they should be treated. With respect. We don't sign artists to our label just to make money from them. We are a family and we don't sign anyone that wouldn't be welcome into our homes."

Country Cooperative Initiative Recognizes Deering Banjos

Deering BanjosCountry Cooperative Initiative is recognizing Deering Banjos in their Americana Music category this week. They comment saying, "In all walks of life you'll find people content to rest on past accomplishments, fame or glory. Two years ago or twenty, they remind you incessantly of what they did. Ask them what they've done lately, though, and you find yourself facing a blank stare. Then there are those who are never satisfied; who are continually perfecting and innovating, experimenting with new ideas and trying to improve on the old. So it is with the folks at Deering Banjo Company in Lemon Grove, Cal."

Country Cooperative Introduces Rock Ridge Bluegrass Band

Rock Ridge Bluegrass BandRock Ridge, from Northern CA, is a hard driving traditional bluegrass band with some contemporary arrangements, originals, old time country & gospel music with top notch vocals and instrumentation. The band's debut CD, Drifter's Prayer, has received praise and getting airplay across the US and abroad. They play at music festivals, weddings, civic and corporate events, private parties and concerts throughout the year. They are in the studio working on their 2nd recording set for a June 2012 release. Recently selected to play on the main stage at the CBA Father's Day Festival, Rock Ridge is on its way to becoming a powerhouse in the West Coast bluegrass scene.

Country-Cooperative Introduces Ashlee Blankenship and Blades of Blue

Ashlee Blankenship and Blades of BlueBluegrass music tends to be one of the most true-to-life genre's in music history. Love, heartbreak and loss are common threads in bluegrass lyrics and Ashlee Blankenship has lived it all in her very short 24 years on earth. Ashlee Blankenship & Blades of Blue already have the Bluegrass world asking for more. Comprised of former members from the bands Statement, Grasstown & No Speed Limit, this group of exciting musicians will remind you why you fell in love with bluegrass. This month, Country-Cooperative is featuring Ashlee Blankenship and Blades of Blue as an Americana Music artist.

Country Cooperative Recognizing Lou Reid and Carolina

Lou Reid and CarolinaLou Reid and Carolina are based out of Union Grove, North Carolina. The band began in 1992, with it's sound largely based in traditional bluegrass music roots with emphasis on dynamic vocals. The current band is no exception. The Americana Music area is currently featuring Lou Reid & Carolina. Country-Cooperative is a set of companion sites designed specifically to service Indie musicians in the country, gospel, folk and bluegrass music genres. Country Cooperative offers self-managed listings and present our members to a 24/7, U.S. television audience of 4.2 million households.

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