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Red Allen & Frank Wakefield WDON Recordings 1963

Red Allen & Frank Wakefield WDON Recordings 1963Patuxent has released another exciting historical album. Red Allen & Frank Wakefield WDON Recordings 1963is a collection of 22 tracks featuring Red Allan on guitar and vocals, Frank Wakefield on mandolin and vocals, Pete Kuykendall on banjo and vocals and Tom Morgan on bass and vocals. The liner notes tell the story...

The Patuxent Banjo Project

The Patuxent Banjo ProjectPatuxent Records never ceases to present new and unique quality projects. The label never disappoints and this latest The Patuxent Banjo Project is certainly at the top of their offerings. This 2-CD collection of 40 banjo performances by as many performers of the 5-string instrument certainly will capture the interest of any banjo or bluegrass fan. The enclosed 44 page booklet offers a cursory overview of each of the artists included in this project.

Dewey Farmer and Derwin Hinson - Another Patuxent Winner

Dewey Farmer & Derwin HinsonBluegrass Unlimited once proclaimed Dewey Farmer "The Best Mandolin Player You've Never Heard." But for those of us who came up in and around the North Carolina bluegrass music scene, the last 3 words of that title were always unnecessary. To us, Dewey was simply the best. A stirring combination of Monroe style down strokes and machine-gun triplets, of traditional fiddle tunes and crazy Andy Statman covers (a contrast revisited to kick off this recording); there is simply no one like Dewey. And besides, that unofficial title was never entirely accurate anyway.

Review: Akira Otsuka - First Tear

First TearBy Joe Ross
Mandomaniacs and acoustic music lovers far and wide will rejoice in knowing that Akira Otsuka has released his first solo album project, First Tear. The eclectic mandolin player"s name is well known among aficionados of that instrument. In fact, Otsuka-san is a frequent contributor of helpful information and advice on the Mandolin Café forum.

The Jordan Tice Trio Has a New Secret History

The Secret HistoryIt begins with Jordan Tice, because he wrote the music, and hatched the plan, years ago. Jordan is one of those people for whom the ideas never stop flowing, and who seems to be animated entirely by this flood of mysterious convictions. You can see them moving his limbs, pulling him this way and that, causing his hair to curl, and spilling out through his fingers, the intentions and plans mapping themselves on the fretboard of his guitar. Jordan's plan, the one of which I speak, required specific musical (and other) qualities: thunderous lows, crystalline highs, percussive attacks, voluminous whomps, steady murmurs, driving rhythms, deft dynamics, a constant supply of sarcasm and the ability to bake a mean batch of muffins. So, naturally, he called on his good friends Paul Kowert and Simon Chrisman, who with double bass and hammer dulcimer round out the Jordan Tice Trio. Together they put together The Secret History on Patuxent Records.

Merl Johnson - a Better Man

 Better ManBluegrass artist Merl Johnson's new Patuxent Music release, Better Man, finds the spotlight shining brightly on Merl's vocals, mandolin playing and fiddling. The album kicks off with a bluegrass reading of the Clint Black hit "A Better Man." Kicked by former Gent Dick Smith on banjo, it's not difficult to assume you've stumbled upon a Country Gentleman gem that had somehow remained buried on some Gents LP from the '70s until this rendition. The contemporary D.C. roots continue to run deep with a take on Bob Perilla's "The Briley Boys." Featuring the unbridled fiddling oflocal D.C. legend Tad Marks and Jay Starling's haunting dobra, this true story about a late '70s murder spree in Richmond, Virginia will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Frank Wakefield Releases A Tribute to Bill Monroe

A Tribute to Bill MonroePatuxent Music has releaed another Bill Monroe Centennial tribute album, A Tribute to Bill Monroe. On the 4th of July in 1961, Bill Monroe commented to Frank saying, "Well, you can pick as good as me-- or nearly as good-- so now you've got to go out and get your own sound." And, with his hero's blessing, Frank Wakefield set out to do just that. Frank Wakefield performs on the mandolin and vocals, Audie Blaylock contributes vocals, Michael Cleveland on fiddle, Mark Delaney handles the banjo, Tom Ewing plays guitar and adds vocals, Marshall Wilborn played bass with Tom Mindte & Taylor Baker.

Ethan Hughes is Searching For a Home

Searching For a HomeBluegrass dobro player Ethan Hughes has a new album out on Patuxent Music. Searching For a Home contains 12 tracks that are delightful and entertaining. David Bromberg says, "Ethan Hughes can't remember a time when bluegrass music wasn't being played around his house. Aside from the radio and the record player, his mom and dad had a bluegrass band called Fretloose.

Leon Morris is 'Thinking Today of My Home'

Thinking Today of my HomeLeon is the real deal; a genuinely pleasing and smooth singer and super talented multi instrumentalist. He began performing at the age of 12 and has played shows through the US and Canada since 1947. Longevity and love of bluegrass music are what brings us his latest collection of confident and polished songs. Released on Patuxent Music and is available now.

'Last Chance' by Russ Carson is Great First Chance

Last ChanceRuss Carson has released Last Chance which highlights this young artists abilities and qualities. He's somebody who has a solid foundation of what is bluegrass and puts forth his own style and creativity. This recent Patuxent album is another fine addition to bluegrass libraries and Russ Carries the bluegrass torch proudly.

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