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What is the Future of Broadcast Radio?

Listening to Old Time RadioI'm a lot like the many of the electronic generation today -- load up the MP3 player, CD Changer, and the Media Server and let MY music play MY way -- without any commercials and annoying talk. I also use the streaming services that abound everywhere like Pandora, Spotify Google's and Apple's editions and more. I also just tune into Internet sites that have what I enjoy. Lots of options to choose from.

Music Sparks Great Awakening for Elders With Dementia

Music & MemoryMusic & Memory, the non-profit "re-awakening" elders with dementia through the use of music and iPods, scored an unlikely video hit this spring that's been viewed more than six million times. It features Henry, an unresponsive 94-year-old suffering from dementia in an elder care facility who was given an iPod loaded with the music of his youth and was transformed into a seemingly different person, humming, singing, smiling, and beginning to interact with the people around him. The story of Music & Memory has spread and drawn attention from The New York Times, LA Times, CNN, NPR "Morning Edition," and more. Now, Music & Memory is embarking on an ambitious drive to encourage iPod donation drives nationwide and in the media in order to provide iPods to nursing homes.

Apple's Steve Jobs Dies - Apple and the Music Survives

Steve Jobs, courtesy Apple.comWednesday, the world lost a giant -- Steve Jobs, the man responsible for creating and direction Apple Computers. This is a huge loss for the technology and how it applies to music. Steve's direction took Apple to the top as the wealthiest company in the world and, they did it without the majority of computing market share. His biggest victory was in monetizing music on the Internet.

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