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New Bluegrass iTunes Podcast - The Bluegrass Byway

The Bluegrass BywayNashville, TN -- Podcasting is by no means a new medium or format. Ever since the release of iTunes version 4.9 back in June 2005, any amateur broadcaster with the desire to create content, or a show, which could potentially reach the millions of users on iTunes, could do so at very little to no cost. While the format is still in its infancy, the number of podcast subscribers has grown substantially in recent years due to the popularity of shows such as Serial, This American Life, Welcome to Night Vale, and The Moth Podcast.

Apple's Steve Jobs Dies - Apple and the Music Survives

Steve Jobs, courtesy Apple.comWednesday, the world lost a giant -- Steve Jobs, the man responsible for creating and direction Apple Computers. This is a huge loss for the technology and how it applies to music. Steve's direction took Apple to the top as the wealthiest company in the world and, they did it without the majority of computing market share. His biggest victory was in monetizing music on the Internet.

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