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Artists, Insurance and the Future

Nest EggHardly a week goes by that I don't read about an artist passing away, coming down with a serious medical condition, major property damage, instruments stolen, long term care becomes necessary, etc. This is always sad news. What is even more sad is that many didn't have insurance of any kind to handle these situations. The benefits begin to help our favorite artists with their immediate needs financially, professionally and socially. The needs are real.

Securing Your Valued Musical Instruments - A Safe Way

SafeWe keep hearing about valuable prized instruments being stolen or damaged due to fire or other unexpected events. While insurance will pay some for instruments, provided that they are even insured, the concept of securing them safe and sound is becoming a bigger and bigger issue as the stolen instrument lists become bigger and longer. There has to be a better way. Never, ever, leave an instrument unattended. Not at home. Not in the car. Not at a venue. Just don't do it. It only takes a thief a moment to get it and disappear. If you don't have it with you, the thing that you can do, is to provide a safe and secure place for them in your home.

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