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Small Town Heroes

"Something About A Train" Debuts at #1 on Roots Music Report

Small Town HeroesValerie Smith and Liberty Pike score two in the top 10 at Roots Music Contemporary Bluegrass Chart. Valerie writes, "One day I was teaching at school and received a call from songwriters Dawn Kenney and Dave Morris letting me know that the song they wrote and I recorded with my band, Liberty Pike, "Something About A Train" had debuted at #1 on the Roots Music Contemporary Bluegrass Chart. I am so very excited and thrilled!"

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike Release "Small Town Heroes"

Small Town HeroesValerie Smith & Liberty Pike have released their latest project, Small Town Heroes along with their new single, "Something About a Train" to their outlets yesterday. Valerie says, "Something About A Train" has a memorable melody and colorful lyrics. It’s fun to sing – it actually sings itself – and is a pleasure to perform,”

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