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Hogan's House of Music

Ron Block’s "Hogan’s House of Music" Debuts at #2 on Bluegrass Sales Charts

Ron Block - Hogan's House of MusicNashville, TN -- It’s been a good week for banjo and guitar aficionado Ron Block. Hogan’s House of Music, his first solo instrumental LP, debuted in the #2 slot on the bluegrass sales chart, missing the top spot by just four units.

Ron Block Announces Instrumental Album Due September 25th

Ron Block - Hogan's House of MusicRon Block of Alison Krauss and Union Station announced, "after over 30+ years of playing banjo and guitar professionally, and nearly 24 years after joining Alison Krauss and Union Station, I'm thrilled to announce preorder for my first ever bluegrass instrumental recording, Hogan's House of Music, on www.RonBlock.Com!"

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