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CJ the DJ Getting a Lot of Recognition

Old Friends New MemoriesA world of thanks from CJ the DJ, as he ended up last week only 1 spin shy of a record breaking 3 weeks in a row as Number 1 on the roots music report. If you haven’t checked out CJ yet, then you and your listeners are missing out. CJ is currently ranked 13th all time in the list of most downloaded artists on Airplay Direct.

Niall Toner: #1 Downloaded Bluegrass Music Artist of All Time on AirPlay Direct

Niall TonerNiall Toner is an acoustic Irish flavored artist with Celtic influences whose diverse repertoire ranges from contemporary up-tempo songs and tunes to inspirational gospel-style numbers, as well as tributes to Bill Monroe the father of bluegrass music like "The Master's Resting Place" and "Bill Monroe's Mandolin."

Are You Ready? - Stoney Creek Releases New Single and Music Video

Are You Ready?Hedgesville, WV -- Calv'ry Booking and Management announces the release of "Are You Ready?", the new single from Stoney Creek Bluegrass Band. The band has also released a music video for the single, which can be found on YouTube (see below), or at the band's website

Prescription Bluegrass Radio Program Now Available on AirPlay Direct

Prescription BluegrassPrescription Bluegrass, the radio program that treats those afflicted with Bluegrass Fever with specialized "Auditory Therapy" each week is now more available than ever. Now Radio Stations and Disc Jockeys who want to program a network-quality broadcast with timely information and a great mix of new and old, traditional and edgy bluegrass need only log into their AirPlay Direct account and download the program once a week.

Sun and Songs Shine as AirPlay Direct Sponsors ASCAP Expo 12 in L.A.

I Cresate Music Expo and AirPlay DirectGo ahead. Ask anyone who's ever been to ASCAP's I Create Music Expo. They'll tell you that it put them right in the heart of ASCAP's community of today's most successful music creators. They'll tell you things like "it's three days of education, networking and inspiration" and how you'll get "useful feedback and guidance." AirPlay Direct is proud to be a sponsor of the event this year. Never used AirPlay Direct? Never heard of AirPlay Direct? Here's the official word... Since ASCAP Expo 12 is in Los Angeles we thought we'd use language native to the area to tell you describe it: most excellent...and quite possibly, awesome.

Carrie Hassler's "Luxury Liner" Takes Off to Radio

Carrie HasslerAward-winning female vocalist, Carrie Hassler is gearing up for her upcoming album release, The Distance, by launching the first radio single, "Luxury Liner," Tuesday March 6, 2012 via "Luxury Liner" comes from Country Rock legend songwriter/artist Gram Parsons that Carrie beautifully transforms into a hard drivin' bluegrass music barn burner.

Its a Brand New Day for Sweet Potato Pie on Mountain Fever Records

 Brand New DayWillis, VA -- Mountain Fever Records is proud to announce the release of Brand New Day, the latest CD from North Carolina-based Sweet Potato Pie. Sweet Potato Pie has been entertaining audiences for over a decade with their classy blend of bluegrass, country and gospel music mixed together in a style called "sweetgrass".

2011 A Story of Success for AirPlay Direct

AirPlay Direct2011 proved to be a fantastic year for AirPlay Direct's growth and evolution now accelerating to over 7,200 radio station members globally and over 32,000 artist and record label members around the world. This type of global market place positioning and advancement in 2011 has set a firm foundation for APD's continued strong growth throughout 2012.

AirPlay Direct and ASCAP Partnership Offers Distribution Discount

AirPlay DirectAirPlay Direct, a leader in digital distribution of content to radio and music programmers and supervisors around the globe, is pleased to announce their member benefit partnership with American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). Through this partnership, ASCAP members will be given the opportunity to expose their music worldwide with AirPlay Direct's services at a 50% discount. With an AirPlay Direct membership, ASCAP's members and affiliates can directly connect and securely send broadcast quality music and digital press kits to its worldwide community of top radio programmers and music supervisors.

AirPlay Direct to Service Radio with Good Home Grown Music

Tom T & Dixie HallTom T. & Dixie Hall are happy to announce that Radio DJ's will now be able to download current hits from Good Home Grown Music and Blue Circle Records from their AirPlay Direct Site Good Home Grown Music will be updating their site often with new and upcoming songs as well as including some earlier released good'uns!

Del McCoury's 'Blue Side of Town' Radio Program to AirPlay Direct

Blue Side of TownDel McCoury is taking his five year old bluegrass music radio show in a new direction. The show which was hosted on Sirius/XM Radio is now moving to AirPlay Direct as a syndicated radio program. Del has had enormous success spreading the wings of the genre and enjoys taking his talents where bluegrass has never traveled before.

AirPlay Direct Reaches Major Milestones In Digital Delivery

AirPlay DirectAirPlay Direct, the global leader in digital delivery to radio, is proud to announce that it has now reached 30,000 members and 6,800 radio stations worldwide. These members, including signed artists, independent artists and record labels, are able to securely send broadcast-quality music and digital press kits to booking agents, promoters, music supervisors and radio program/music directors at our 6,800 radio stations worldwide.

Ireland's Bluegrass Singer/Songwriter Niall Toner's Single 'William Smith Monroe' at #1 on AirPlay Direct

Niall TonerNashville, TN -- The leader of the Niall Toner Band from Ireland is still celebrating his music reaching the number one download spot on the bluegrass and folk charts for AirPlay Direct, an extraordinary achievement for a songwriter based in Ireland. As a result, Niall Toner Band has been enjoying an ever-increasing amount of air play on American Radio. Niall's songs about Bill Monroe, Bill Monroe's Mandolin and The Master's Resting Place, are proving most popular with Radio DJs and listeners in this year of Monroe's Centenary.


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