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International Country Music Conference

Murphy Henry On Women In Bluegrass at ICMC

Murphy HenryNashville, TN -- The International Country Music Conference (ICMC) will feature bluegrass and banjo artist/historian Murphey Henry on Women in Bluegrass. Published articles will make it into the International Country Music Journal.

ICMC 2012 to Czech Out International Bluegrass Music

Druha TravaNashville, TN -- The International Country Music Conference (ICMC) is coming down the home stretch for 2012. The Saturday, 26 May luncheon in The Frist Lecture Hall will not only feature more good food, assorted door prizes from our generous publishers, but also a fascinating illustrated talk illustrating aspects of the international dimensions of Bluegrass. Our new BFF Lee Bidgood of East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee will be discussing "Translating and Documenting Czech Bluegrass." No doubt we will learn about a complex process as well as substance regarding groups such as Druha Trava--and maybe a touch connecting them to President Obama's visit to the Czech Republic.

Greg Reish Presents The Mountain Chamber Style of Charlie Poole at ICMC

Charlie PooleGreg Reish of Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois will be intriguing you with his presentation "The 'Mountain Chamber' Style of Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers." during the International Country Music Conference (ICMC) 2012.

The I in ICMC is also is the I in IBMA

Nancy CardwellThe I in ICMC is also is the I in IBMA and I stands for "International." ICMC is the International Country Music Conference and IBMA is the International Bluegrass Music Association. Both are International, both are music and both are country roots related. There is often a great overlap with bluegrass and country music. One of the upcoming presentations for 2012 will be by IBMA's Nancy Cardwell which will deal with a significant topic "Yonder Mountain String Band, 12 Years and We're Still Dancing." YMSB is significant in the ongoing Bluegrass community discussions dealing with the parameters of Bluegrass known informally as WIBA or, more precisely, "What Is Bluegrass Anyway?"

International Country Music Conference 2012 Call for Proposals

ICMC 2012As the summer heat wave moderates a bit, we're moving along toward ICMC 2012. We continue to receive excellent proposals on topics never before addressed at ICMC or which take familiar topics and develop new data, insights, and analysis. ICMC stalwart Wayne Daniel and Kevin Fleming will be dealing with a topic related to the issue of defining country music. Their presentation "What's In a Name? Would That Which We Call Country Music By Any Other Name Sound as Sweet? The Billboard and Variety Answer" comes with a guarantee of Daniel's and Fleming's flawless presentation. Their research design even includes the statistical gold standard of randomization and will be shared in later ICMC eblurbs.


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