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Curly Seckler

John Ray “Curly” Seckler: December 25, 1919 – December 27, 2017

John Ray “Curly” SecklerJohn Ray “Curly” Seckler, age 98, of Hendersonville passed away on Wednesday, December 27 after a short illness. Seckler was born on December 25, 1919 on a farm near China Grove in Rowan County, North Carolina. He was the fourth of eight children born to Calvin and Carrie Sechler (he later changed the spelling of his last name to avoid mispronunciation). At age fifteen, Seckler embarked on a long career in country music, performing initially in a band called the Yodeling Rangers, along with his brothers Marvin, George, and Duard. He went on to work several stints with Charlie Monroe & the Kentucky Partners, making his first recordings with Monroe in 1946. He also teamed early in his career with bluegrass pioneers Mac Wiseman, Jim and Jesse McReynolds, the Sauceman Brothers, and the Stanley Brothers.

Bluegrass Pioneer Curly Seckler has Passed Away

Curly SecklerBluegrass pioneer Curly Seckler, 98, passed away Wednesday morning. Born John Ray Sechler, "Curly" was born on Christmas Day, 1919. His soaring tenor vocals and trademark mandolin style were a major part of the 1950s Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs' Foggy Mountain Boys. He also performed with Jim & Jesse, The Stanley Brothers, Jesse McReynolds and others during his 77 year career.

Foggy Mountain Troubadour: Book Signing with Penny Parsons

Join the fans of Curly Seckler for a book signing with Penny Parsons, author of “Foggy Mountain Troubadour: The Life and Music of Curly Seckler” at the Earl Scruggs Center! Refreshment packages including one beverage of your choice (wine, beer, or soft drink) and an assorted fruit and cheese plate are available for pre-order.

A Bluegrass Legend's Road from Cotton Fields to Nashville Grass

With his trademark mandolin style and unequaled tenor harmonies, Curly Seckler has carved out a seventy-seven—year career in bluegrass and country music. His foundational work in Flatt and Scruggs’s Foggy Mountain Boys secured him a place in bluegrass history. His role in The Nashville Grass made him an essential part of the music's triumphant 1970s revival.

Bluegrass Pioneer Curly Seckler Celebrates 95th Birthday

Curly Seckler 95th BirthdayBluegrass pioneer Curly Seckler celebrated his 95th birthday on December 25, 2014. Seckler was born on Christmas day in 1919, in China Grove, North Carolina. He began his musical career in 1935, in a band with his brothers, Marvin on guitar, George on fiddle, and Duard ("Lucky") on guitar. Curly played the tenor banjo. They called themselves the Yodeling Rangers (later changed to the Trail Riders). In 1939, they landed a daily radio show on the new station in Salisbury, WSTP. Later that year, Curly was recruited by Charlie Monroe to be the tenor singer for his new group, the Kentucky Partners. They appeared on the WWVA Jamboree in Wheeling, WV and on WHAS in Louisville, KY.

Bluegrass Pioneer Curly Seckler had another Stroke

Curly SecklerA year ago, Cybergrass reported that bluegrass legend Curly Seckler, 94, was at home recovering from a minor stroke which resulted in issues with speech. We just received word that Curly Seckler has suffered another stroke on June 1. This stroke was more severe and and that he has partial paralysis on the left side of his body. He is currently in a rehabilitation center in Hendersonville, TN. We're not sure how long he will need to be there.

Bluegrass Pioneer Curly Seckler Recovering from Stroke

Curly SecklerBluegrass legend Curly Seckler, 93, is recovering at home after suffering a mini stroke on May 19. Seckler suffered some loss of his ability to speak, but fortunately did not experience any paralysis. He was transported to the hospital and underwent multiple tests, but was not admitted. He is working with a speech therapist and is making progress in his recovery.

Curly Seckler Celebrates 77 Years in Bluegrass Music at World of Bluegrass

Curly SecklerBluegrass legend Curly Seckler is scheduled to participate in an Earl Scruggs Storytelling Session during the IBMA World of Bluegrass event in Nashville later this month. The session will take place on Tuesday, September 25, from 8:00 - 9:30 AM in the 3rd Floor Lounge in the Nashville Convention Center. Others scheduled to take part include Haskel McCormick, Gerald McCormick, and Kent Blanton (and probably a surprise guest or two).

Curly Seckler to Perform at Mule Day in Columbia, TN

Curly SecklerBluegrass legend Curly Seckler, who is celebrating 77 years in bluegrass music, will perform at Columbia, Tennessee's annual Mule Day celebration on Saturday, March 31, 2012! The four-day event which starts on Thursday is expected to bring close to 100,000 people to Columbia. Saturday evening's bluegrass concert will cap off a full day of festivities, including exhibits, a mule pull, and a parade through downtown Columbia. The music will start at 6:00 PM, featuring The Huntley Sisters and Simon Slick & the Grasskickers. Curly Seckler, Willis Spears & the Nashville Grass will take the stage around 7:30 PM to close out the show.

Bluegrass Pioneer Curly Seckler Inducted into Bill Monroe Hall of Fame Today

Curly SecklerBluegrass pioneer Curly Seckler will be inducted into the Bill Monroe Hall of Fame on Saturday, September 24 at the 37th Annual Uncle Pen Days Festival in Bean Blossom, IN.

Bluegrass Legend Curly Seckler, 91, Still Going After 75 Years

Curly SecklerBluegrass legend Curly Seckler is still performing after 75 years. While it is true that he has slowed down a bit since celebrating his 91st birthday in December of 2010, September promises to be a busy month for him. He hopes to see you at one of these upcoming events.

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