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O Winding River

Australia's The Stetson Family Working on New Album

The Stetson FamilyYou may have noticed that The Stetson Family have been a bit thin on the ground around Melbourne-town these last couple of months. It’s not that they are finally sick of each other and hung up their boots after six years together – quite the opposite – the band has been busy writing and recording album number three so they can get back out there and hit the road again together with some new toons.

Stetson Family in Studios Recording New Album

The Stetson FamilyAustralia's Bluegrass music group, The Stetson Family is reved up and excited to be back in the studio recording their next album. For this time around, the Stetson Family is working with the mighty Colin Wynne, the man with the cheekiest grin in music, at his wonderful Thirty Mill Studios.

Australia's The Stetson Family U.S. Independent Release - "A Happy Tale"

The Stetson FamilyAustralia's Bluegrass music group, The Stetson Family, commented on their United States independent single release of "A Happy Tale" saying, "what an interesting and great year it’s been so far. Exactly a year ago Johnny and I found ourselves on a plane heading to Nashville for a whirlwind week to present O Winding River at the International Bluegrass Music Association songwriter showcase."

The Stetson Family Delivers Bluegrass "Australian Style"

The Stetson FamilyNashville, TN -- The Stetson Family brings Australia's best new Bluegrass to the States with the release of their newest disc, O Winding River. The 12 original story-driven songs, range from ballads to up-tempos. Infused with the lush harmonies that are in keeping with the roots of Bluegrass, the tracks feature fresh, progressive instrumentation and free-wheeling lyrics that resonate with subject matter both new and timeless. The CD, available now online, is a collection of the most-popular songs sourced from the band's two previous Australian releases distributed by Vitamin Records: Hey Sister Mary (2009) and The Devil in his Sunday Best (2011).

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