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April Verch

Music City Roots Presents April Verch, Greencards, Hillbenders Nov 13

April VerchMusic City Roots writes, "Last week at Guitar Night we saw how much was possible on six strings. This week we’ll raise the degree of difficulty and spotlight some innovators on the old four-string, the Devil’s Box, the G/D/A/E, as my colleague A.J. called it this week, perhaps because she loves acronyms. Call it a fiddle in the hands of show-opener April Verch or go with the more formal moniker embraced by our guest artists Black Violin, this miraculous instrument, animated by a horse hair bow of all things, beloved by our culture for 500 years, still explodes with possibilities in the hands (and chins) of inspired musicians.

April Verch to Release "Bright Like Gold" April 2nd

Bright Like GoldApril Verch will release her latest project, Bright Like Gold April 2nd. This latest release features music that covers her broad range of styles from bluegrass to classic country. There are some wonderful guest artists contributing to the album also.

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