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Lake City Faces Rocky Road to Rocky Top

Rocky Top AlbumLake City, Tennessee has a history of names which originated as Coal Creek, Tennessee. Last year, the town made a decision to change their name again to "Rocky Top, Tennessee" a ficticious town in the song "Rocky Top" and take advantage of the popularity of the song. The town was even going to create a "Rocky Top" theme park. Normally, a town name change is just a formality however, this time, there is an unusual twist.

Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Foundation Wins KY Supreme Court Ruling

Bill MonroeIn the feud that just won't end, the Kentucky Supreme Court let stand a prior Appellate Court ruling that the Jerusalem Ridge Foundation can continue to use the Bill Monroe name to promote their annual bluegrass music festival. The feud between the Ohio County Industrial Foundation and the Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Music Foundation has been going on for over a decade and just won't die. The Kentucky Supreme Court declined to hear the case letting the Kentucky Court of Appeals ruling stand. The feud is centered around the use of the Father of Bluegrass Music's name, "Bill Monroe."

EFF chronicles Fifteen Years of DMCA Abuse

Electronic Frontier FoundationSan Francisco, CA -- /EFF/ Fifteen years after Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and just as legislators and the public are debating the law's dangerous impact on consumers who want to unlock their cell phones, the evidence of much broader negative effects continues to mount. In its latest update to the comprehensive white paper, "Unintended Consequences: Fifteen Years Under the DMCA," the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) catalogs how content owners have misused the DMCA to threaten fair use, free speech, research, competition and innovation.

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