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Old Time Heirloom Hour

Tennessee Mafia Jug Band on Old Time Heirloom Hour Premiers July 27

Tennessee Mafia Jug BandThomson, IL -- With raccoons and catfish, hillbilly culture takes over the newest episode of the local variety show The Old Time Heirloom Hour. The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band stars as both the musical guest and guest hosts. Playing music of a style often described as the forerunner of bluegrass, their vocals feature strong two- and three-part harmonies and their instruments include a guitar, banjo, jug, Dobro guitar, fiddle, upright bass fiddle, and a kind of one-man-band washboard that has small horns and cymbals attached. With their entertaining songs serving as the basis for conversation segments, they make a fun hour of bluegrass variety.

The Heirloom Market & Café to Release Episode of “The Old Time Heirloom Hour”

The Old Time Heirloom HourThomson, IL -- The Old Time Heirloom Hour is a web-based variety show filmed in front of a live audience in The Heirloom Market & Café. The variety show aired its first show on September 8, 2012. The current release is a very special event for The Heirloom Market & Café as it is the tenth episode of the show to be released and features a local bluegrass music group.

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