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New Bluegrass Show Launches on WAMU's Bluegrass Country July 5th

Jessica StilesStiles of Bluegrass’ weekly show to launch on WAMU’s Bluegrass Country, starting Saturday, July 5th. While celebrating our Nation’s Independence this coming Fourth of July holiday weekend, you can tune in to a brand new Bluegrass program hosted by recording artist Jessica Stiles. The show, Stiles of Bluegrass, will air Saturdays, from 11 am ‘til 2 pm on WAMU’s Bluegrass Country, 105.5 FM in the Washington DC area and streaming worldwide at -

Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper - Live With Katy Daley Today

Michael Cleveland and FlamekeeperMichael Cleveland & Flamekeeper will join WAMU's Katy Daley in-studio on Tuesday, July 19th at 9:00am EST. They'll introduce the band's new members; Ashby Frank, Blake Bowen and Charlie Lawson, and perform a few tunes as well. To listen live, tune in to This photo is the new lineup including: Front: Charlie Lawson, Michael Cleveland, Charlie Cushman. Back: Ashby Frank, Blake Bowen.

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