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Listening to Music - The Consumer and the Studio

Audio RecordingBack in the day, all the top hit albums were recorded on tape. Some on just four to eight tracks mixed down to two. Recording studios were populated with Teac, Ampex, JBL speakers, Tascam boards and, for the most part, were pretty much the same. The age of digital alteration didn't exist. You got what the mics recorded. Bands had to be good in the studio and well as on stage. Many albums were done in just a few takes -- some in just one. That music is still some of the finest ever recorded. No fancy exotic gear like we have today.

Bluegrass Music, Art and Anarchy

Dr. Crispin SartwellJohnson City, TN -- What do art, bluegrass, anarchy, language, beauty, politics, punk rock, gender and aesthetics have in common? The answer is one person, Dr. Crispin Sartwell. The son, grandson and great-grandson of newspaper editors, Sartwell is an American philosopher, educator, music critic and editor and/or author of 10 books on topics as disparate as Political Aesthetics, Six Names of Beauty, Obscenity, Anarchy and Reality and African-American Autobiography and White Identity. The visiting associate professor of art and art history at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., is also an avid blogger, at He refers to himself as “a giterdone redneck” and is careful to note, that in addition to all of these interests and monikers, “I’m an anarchist.”

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