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Stringbean Festival Celebrates 20th Anniversary This Weekend

Porter Wagoner at the dedication of the Stringbean statue at the inaugural Stringbean Memorial Bluegrass Festival in 1996.  Grandpa Jones and his wife Ramona are seen looking on from the side.Gray Hawk, KY -- The 20th Annual Stringbean Memorial Bluegrass Festival will be held this Thursday-Saturday, June 16-18, at Stringbean Memorial Park in Gray Hawk, KY. Celebrating its 20th year, the festival honors Jackson County native and beloved Grand Ole Opry star David ‘Stringbean’ Akemon. His unique stage attire, traditional claw hammer banjo style, and entertaining stage banter endeared him to fans around the world. ’The Kentucky Wonder’ was best known for his musical comedic performances on the hallowed stage of the Grand Ole Opry beginning in the 1940’s and on the television series “Hee Haw” until his tragic death in 1973.

Stringbean Killer Up for Parole

Stringbean AkemanOn November 10, 1973, David Akeman, better known as "Stringbean" was murdered along with his wife, Estelle. The thieves believed their was a lot of money in his cabin home in Tennessee and they waited for the pair to return home and then, in cold blood, brutally killed David and his wife. July 19th, John A. Brown, one of the two men convicted of killing Stringbean and his wife years ago, is coming up for parole. Readers are encouraged to contact and voice their opposition to this parole offering.

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