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Spirit Of The Rockies

Kruger Brothers to Release “Spirit of the Rockies” Soon

Spirit of the RockiesIn 2011, Jens Kruger was invited to create a work for The Banff Centre, a commission that recognises his ability as a composer, arranger, and performer, but also his unique ability to combine seemingly disparate cultural and musical traditions within his work. Most recently, he premiered his Appalachian Concerto, a work for banjo, bass, guitar and string quartet. There he used the form of the concerto to draw musical comparisons between the music of Europe and the traditional music of the Appalachian region as well as the cultural history of that region. It was that work, perhaps more than any other, that brought him to the attention of The Banff Centre.

The Kruger Brothers Premiere “Spirit Of The Rockies”

Kruger BrothersNashville, TN -- The Kruger Brothers will premiere Jens Kruger’s The Spirit of the Rockies August 25 at the Banff Centre in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The band, comprised of Jens Kruger, Uwe Kruger and Joel Landsburg, has become celebrated worldwide for its seamless fusions of jazz, classical, folk and bluegrass.

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