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Press Release

Who is in Charge of Your Band's PR?

No U-TurnWe have a band, also referred to as the artist, their management, the record label and the press/media agent and maybe some others. All send Public Relations (PR) and promotional material to various organizations for publication or broadcast. It is great to have all these people working to promote the artist. But, what happens if they get out of sync? What happens if they don't communicate with each other? What happens when it all goes wrong?

Get the Word Out Early

Press Release TTYIt's important so get the word out early. Send a press release out to all the media so that they can help publicize the event. That's the way it should work. In the recent couple of months however, that is not how things played out. In one recent case this month, we received the press release on the second day of the event and would end up posting it on the last day of the festival. Thus, nobody would be able to read the announcement and be able to use that information to attend the first 3 days because there wouldn't be any notice until the end of the event.

To Carry or Not To Carry? Once Burned, Twice Learned

Bob CherryCybergrass is known for carrying accurate and relevant information about bluegrass music but, every now and then, somebody attempts to take advantage of us and the exposure we offer. A few years ago, that is exactly what happened. We received numerous conflicting news items from competing parties and we set out to verify who was telling the truth and who was not. It turns out that one party was feeding us a lot of press releases that were all determined to be false in content. The opposing party was being amazingly neutral and honest.

New Frontiers Open for Paperless PR

CMA Close Up/CMA/ Nashville, TN -- by Jeff Walter
As the means for delivering and consuming music continue to grow more sophisticated (and more digital), so do the choices for promoting that music and the artists who create it. Such is the case with electronic press kits (EPKs) and video news releases (VNRs), tools that share the same basic goals of their non-digital predecessors: getting airplay, inspiring reviews and other media coverage, facilitating bookings and winning the attention of music consumers.

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