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Milwaukee Irish Fest

International Bluegrass Music Museum at Milwaukee Irish Fest

Bluegrass ShowcaseThe International Bluegrass Music Museum will be at The Milwaukee Irish Fest with its Bill Monroe Traveling Exhibit. The Exhibit, which is a condensed version of the Bill Monroe Centennial Exhibit, now on display at the IBMM in Owensboro, Kentucky, tells the story of Bill Monroe's career. It includes newly donated photographs of Rosine, Kentucky when Bill Monroe was growing up there and highlights of his career, including an audio clip of Bill Monroe talking about when he gouged the "Gibson" name off his mandolin. Representatives of the museum will be at the Irish Fest giving presentations about the Birth of Bluegrass Music and its Spread Around the World, and Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys.

A Special Bluegrass Music Showcase Comes to Life at Milwaukee Irish Fest

Milwaukee Irish FestMilwaukee, WI -- Milwaukee Irish Fest 2012 promises to deliver all the fan- favorites and traditional fun that guests have come to expect. But what are some of the new and exciting things visitors can expect to see and experience at this year’s festival? Let’s take an inside look at what’s new and ‘must-do’ for 2012.

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