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Lance Kinney on What is Bluegrass Anyway (WIBA) at ICMC 2013

Lance KinneyThe International Country Music Conference (ICMC) virtually always has a solid representation of Bluegrass Music oriented sessions and ICMC 2013 is no exception. The ICMC is pleased that long time ICMC friend Lance Kinney of Nick Saban University (NSU), formerly known as the University of Alabama -- will be presenting and dealing with the thorny WIBA issue--What Is Bluegrass Anyway?! If you have read or heard debates on BGRASS-L, or elsewhere, WIBA is not for the feint of heart!

Defining Bluegrass is the Wrong Approach

WIBA?The "What Is Bluegrass Anyway" (WIBA) arguments flare up every now and again and they've come to light again recently. What constitutes a bluegrass song? What makes a festival a bluegrass festival? What is bluegrass music? The questions and, their entertaining and conflicting answers are always a mobius strip of circular argument. Part of it is fun but there is a serious side as well.

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