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Greg & Sancy Cormier

38th Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Music Festival June 14 - 17

Blistered Fingers BandSome of the Greatest Bluegrass music you can see and hear at one of the largest family musical events in New England! This Bluegrass Festival takes place twice every year bringing thousands of Music lovers from all over the World converging in Litchfield, Maine to hear banjos, fiddles, and those high, lonesome harmonies. This event will feature many National and Local bands from all over the world. Our Blistered Fingers festival has something for all ages. Music happens every June and August since 1991. Buses, RV's, Campers, Tents, Day Attendees and 4 days of entertainment. The June festival is right around the corner -- June 14-17 at 30 Plain Rd., Litchfield, ME at the Fairgrounds.

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