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Defining Bluegrass is the Wrong Approach

WIBA?The "What Is Bluegrass Anyway" (WIBA) arguments flare up every now and again and they've come to light again recently. What constitutes a bluegrass song? What makes a festival a bluegrass festival? What is bluegrass music? The questions and, their entertaining and conflicting answers are always a mobius strip of circular argument. Part of it is fun but there is a serious side as well.

The New Copyright Infringement - News Article Piracy

Bob CherryThe bluiegrass music news sites, like Cybergrass, have been covering the music piracy issue and damage caused by the illegal coping of music for years. Now, it seems, we are the ones with others copying our material, in its entity, for their own use and profit. Some news piracy sites even claim copyright on the works of other web sites. In the past couple of months, I've found our content on multiple sites, being used without any notification or permission.


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