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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day for Mother Earth Kick-Off Party

The Little Red Hen's GardenJoin StoneLion Puppet Theatre as we begin planning the tenth anniversary celebration of giant puppets in our community! Based on the popular folktale. Join the barnyard chicken, Little Red when she decides her dusty backyard needs a community garden. She asks her friends to help but will they? A toe-tapping blue grass musical with a great message about making our planet a better place.

"The Rock" by Terry Baucom Released for Mother's Day

The Rock by Terry BaucomTerry Baucom feels his single and video, "The Rock" is very fitting for Mother's Day week especially because of the message. The video that was put together for it pictures him, his Mom (who has always been My Rock!) Terry just released this track for Mother's Day. "The Rock" written by Thom Case and performed by Terry Baucom with Joey Lemons, Shawn Lane, Caleb Smith and Steve Bryant from the forthcoming release by Terry Baucom on the John Boy & Billy label.

Honoring Mothers Just Comes Natural to James Reams

MothersBy James Reams
Mother's Day invites us to recall the strength and courage of mothers past and present. Not so long ago, mothers held their little ones close and offered hope for the future as the family farm fell to the auctioneer's hammer. Today, homeless mothers and their children litter our streets in a scenario that hasn't changed much in a hundred years. Mothers are still the glue that hold their families together.

Dust-to-Digital Offers a Wonderful Mother's Day Tribute Collection

Never a Pal Like MotherOne of our favorite labels, Dust-to-Digital, salutes all the mothers with an exquisitely-designed 96-page hardback book featuring 65 antique photographs from such noted collectors as Sarah Bryan and Jim Linderman. Included are two CDs containing 40 vintage recordings from 1927-1956 from such esteemed 78 collectors as Joe Bussard. Artists include the Louvin Brothers, Bob Wills, Wade Mainer, Maddox Brothers & Rose, the Carter Family, and more. Never a Pal Like Mother is a treasure tribute to mothers past, present and future. See complete track list below.

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