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Adirondack Folk School

A First Look at Bluegrass Banjo

Adirondack Folk SchoolThe Adirondack Folk schook in Lake Luzerne, New York is offering a fun class, "A First Look at Bluegrass Banjo" Monday, July 30, 2012 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. This class will emphasize the 3-finger or Bluegrass style of banjo playing, in the standard open g tuning: gDGBD. The old time or frailing style will be briefly demonstrated. First you will look at 5 different kinds of 5-string banjos that are available; open-back, resonator, fretless, riverboat and cookie-tin, and show the differences in the sounds just by plucking strings.
Then you will be introduced to approximately 10 different bluegrass banjo rolls that are so much a part of the sound, and put these together with 3 different left handed chord shapes. See how they work together to accompany other instruments, and eventually play so that a melody can be recognized.

Adirondack Folk School Beginning Bluegrass Banjo with Mac Petrequin

Adirondack Folk SchoolSing, Stomp, Strum & Swing at the Adirondack Folk School Beginning Bluegrass Banjo course. This class will introduce you to the basics of playing bluegrass music style of banjo, which is also called 3-finger or Scruggs style, and is the popular sound heard in familiar tunes such as the Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song, "Rocky Top," and "Foggy Mountain Breakdown." Students are expected to bring a playable 5-string banjo, 2 metal finger picks, a plastic thumb pick, and eventually purchase the Mel Bay Publication "You can Teach yourself Banjo" from Melbay or Janet Davis Music websites.

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