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CD Release

I Draw Slow’s Album, “Redhills”, Released and Available on Pinecastle Records

RedhillsColumbus, NC -- Irish bluegrass/folk artists I Draw Slow have released their critically acclaimed project, Redhills, on Pinecastle Records prior to their U.S. tour this fall. The band and Redhills have been featured on Irish television and reviewed by influential Irish music magazines and blogs and now the album has come to the U.S. Radio stations around the country are already playing their new album.

Astrograss - The Power of Imagination, Bluegrass Style for Kids

The Colored Pencil FactoryBrooklyn, NY -- With a nine year track record of mixing authentic bluegrass, down-home humor, and original, progressive songwriting, NYC's premier bluegrass band for all ages, Astrograss, pulls out all the stops with the October 16 release of their third CD, The Colored Pencil Factory (Smoggy Borough Records, $15.00, for all ages, run time 49 minutes.

Chris Henry and The Hardcore Grass Kicking Off New Triple Project

Chris Henry and The Hardcore GrassChris Henry and The Hardcore Grass formed to play one night a week in Nashville, and things have really taken off. It's time for us to record some music. The group has gone online with the Kickstarter program in an effort to raise funds for their triple bluegrass music album recording project. The project is extensive as it includes more than just a single album and is quite large in scope.

It's All Rotten Taters with Mike Compton

 Rotten TatersRotten Taters is a snapshot of some of the material Mike has begun to do in his solo endeavors. It’s a project which for the first time lets us see something that we’ve only glimpsed in the past Compton playing by himself, unaccompanied and undirected. And it’s simply stellar. For Compton, it’s all about rhythm, with the mandolin serving principally as a rhythmic instrument rather than a melodic one. These days, for this style of playing, he is the player that all others are compared to; if you play old-time or traditional bluegrass mandolin, you want to play like Mike Compton. The New York Times calls Compton a “new bluegrass instrumental hero.”

Leftover Salmon Hosts Public Block Party To Celebrate New CD, May 13th

Aquatic HitchhikerOn May 13th, Leftover Salmon will take over Santa Fe Drive in the heart of Denver's Arts District for a free block party and performance presented by 97.3 KBCO celebrating the long-awaited release of 'Aquatic Hitchhiker' (5.22, LoS), the band's first album in eight years. Sponsored by Breckenridge Brewery and Renegade Brewery, the event is also a benefit for the non-profit organization Conscious Alliance, which raises money for underprivileged communities

Tom Feller and Chris Hill Finishing up First CD

Bluegrass BuckaroosThe Bluegrass Buckaroo - Tom Feller and Chris Hill are finishing up their first CD. The duo is projecting a release date of June 2012 for the first Feller and Hill and the Bluegrass Buckaroo project. The exciting duo, Feller and Hill began booking and touring with their Bluegrass Buckaroos in January, 2012. If you like traditional bluegrass and classic country music, you'll love Feller and Hill and the Bluegrass Buckaroo.

An Evening With... Dolly Parton gets TV Time During April

An Evening with Dolly PartonNashville, TN -- Country music Icon Dolly Parton just released her latest project, “An Evening with... Dolly”, which is a two-disc DVD/CD set available exclusively at all Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® locations. In the coming days, you can get some inside details as Dolly will be making numerous television appearances in support of her new album.

Bluegrass Rulz - Written by a DJ. Sung by a DJ. Meant to be Enjoyed by All

 CJ the DJMarty McKinney is a bluegrass music Disk Jockey (DJ) and has been playing bluegrass and country music on the radio for almost twenty years. Recently a good friend of his, Carl Jarrell Jr., better known as CJ the DJ, who has also worked in radio for about 25 years, teamed up with the legendary Dr. Ralph Stanley and recorded one of McKinney's songs, titled "Bluegrass Rulz." The song pays special tribute to past, present and future generations of bluegrass music artists. In fact Tuesday, April 3rd, it was the most downloaded song on Airplay Direct.

Join the Party - 'The Distance' By Carrie Hassler Releasing April 24, 2012

 The DistanceNashville, TN -- Award-winning female vocalist, Carrie Hassler will kick off her new album, The Distance at a CD Release Block Party on Saturday, April 28, 2012 in downtown Pikeville, TN at 4:00 pm. The event will include performances by Dale Ann Bradley, Steve Gulley, Harlan, Kentucky based national touring act and fellow Rural Rhythm Records label-mate, Cumberland River, and many more special guests. This free event will take place in downtown Pikeville adjacent to Carrie's family owned restaurant, Little Maggie's

Brand New Strings Nashville CD Release Party for Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned CD Release PartyNashville, TN -- A brand new album by Brand New Strings will be featured March 23rd at 9PM at Jimmy buffett's Margaritaville, 322 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee. The bluegrass band will be taking the 2nd floor stage for their CD Release Party for Stay Tuned and admission is just $5.


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