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The Farm Hands Recognized for Bluegrass by State of Tennessee

Farm Hands at Senate 4-20-17Nashville, TN -- The Nashville based quartet The Farm Hands were honored Thursday morning with a proclamation from the Senate of the State of Tennessee and were invited to perform on the Senate floor. The proclamation, presented during the morning session by Senator Kerry Roberts of Springfield, was to honor The Farm Hands for the contributions they have made to bluegrass music and as musical ambassadors of Tennessee.

Tornadoes Strike Bluegrass Music Country

Tornadoes 3-2-2012Devistating tornadoes tore through Kentucky and Tennessee and also touched down in parts of Ohio, Indiana and Alabama Friday. The areas hit are where a significant number of bluegrass artists live and call home. We have not heard from some of our regular contacts and we hope they are well. They are probably cleaning up their own area and assisting others in the region. Various areas where hit hard including central Tennessee and areas around Chattanooga. Two separate waves of severe weather hit central and east Tennessee. Almost 300 tornado warnings were issued that night.

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