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The Loar and Mandolin Cafe Announce The LM-700-VS Sweepstakes

The Loar LM-700-VSHayward, CA— To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, The Loar is combining efforts with the Mandolin Cafe to give away one of our top-of-the-line hand-carved LM-700-VS mandolins to a lucky visitor to the Mandolin Cafe website.

Mandolinist and Composer Chris Thile: 2012 MacArthur Fellow

Chris ThileChris Thile, 31, is a young mandolin virtuoso and composer whose lyrical fusion of traditional bluegrass with elements from a range of other musical traditions is giving rise to a new genre of contemporary music. With a broad outlook that encompasses progressive bluegrass, classical, rock, and jazz. Thile is transcending the borders of conventionally circumscribed genres in compositions for his own ensembles and frequent cross-genre collaborations. left

It's All Rotten Taters with Mike Compton

 Rotten TatersRotten Taters is a snapshot of some of the material Mike has begun to do in his solo endeavors. It’s a project which for the first time lets us see something that we’ve only glimpsed in the past Compton playing by himself, unaccompanied and undirected. And it’s simply stellar. For Compton, it’s all about rhythm, with the mandolin serving principally as a rhythmic instrument rather than a melodic one. These days, for this style of playing, he is the player that all others are compared to; if you play old-time or traditional bluegrass mandolin, you want to play like Mike Compton. The New York Times calls Compton a “new bluegrass instrumental hero.”

Wood Workers, Luthiers Launch Mountainsong Instruments Custom Guitars and Mandolins

Mountainsong InstrumentsBlue Ridge Mountains, VA -- Bill Lunstrum and Larry Cochran announced the launch of Mountainsong Instruments. Nestled around the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, the Company draws from the unique talents and perspectives of master woodworkers and luthiers Bill Lunstrum and Larry Cochran, focusing on unique and custom handcrafted guitars and mandolins. Both love bluegrass music known for quality acoustic instruments.

Review: Akira Otsuka - First Tear

First TearBy Joe Ross
Mandomaniacs and acoustic music lovers far and wide will rejoice in knowing that Akira Otsuka has released his first solo album project, First Tear. The eclectic mandolin player"s name is well known among aficionados of that instrument. In fact, Otsuka-san is a frequent contributor of helpful information and advice on the Mandolin Café forum.

Mandolins in Venice Concert by Sarasota Mandolin Orchestra

MandolinA unique musical concert of "Mandolins in Venice" is sponsored by the Italian American Club at its concert hall in Venice, Forida. Joseph Spinella will conduct the Sarasota Mandolin Orchestra for a one-night only special performance on Wednesday, February 13, 2012.


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