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Online Concert Streaming Boosts Artist Impact

CMA Close Up/CMA/ By Joseph HudakLately it seems as if every few months there's a new technology offering artists opportunities to get closer to their fans — and vice versa. One that's catching on fast is streaming live concerts over the Internet in real time. The considerations are numerous, but so are the benefits. And the steps that are necessary for getting into this market are easier than many might assume.

Laurie Lewis To Release New Album 'Skippin' and Flyin' October 18

Skippin' And Flyin'Austin, TX -- Bay Area fiddler extraordinaire Laurie Lewis, called a "bluegrass/folk star" by the San Francisco Chronicle, will release her latest album, a heartfelt tribute to the father of bluegrass music, Bill Monroe, Skippin' And Flyin' (Spruce and Maple Music), on October 18.

How to Write a Friendly and Easy-to-Use Press Release

Cybergrass LearningIn part 4 of our Cybergrass Education Series, we address the concept of a "Press Release." You would think that all publicists and promoters know how to write a press release. After all, that is what they are paid to do. Many, in fact, do not. I would estimate that 40% of what I get cannot be used in the way I receive it. If you want my site to carry your news, make it easy to do so. I always have more input than I run and those items that don't run frequently have nothing to do with the content but rather how it was packaged or presented. I want to help you write better releases and that is the purpose of this 4th article in our Cybergrass Education Series for bluegrass artists and promoters.

Fretmentor's 3rd Annual Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin and Fiddle Workshop with Alan Munde, Byron Berline and Jim Hurst

FretmentorFretmentor's Third Annual Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin & Fiddle Workshop Featuring Alan Munde, Byron Berline and Jim Hurst will take place Sat, Jan 28 to Sun, Jan 29 in Lake Worth, Florida. The workshops and camps will cover banjo, guitar, mandolin, and fiddle. Fretmentor will host its "Third Annual Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin & Fiddle Workshop" on Saturday January 28-29, 2012. This two day event will include group instruction by three internationally known artists. Alan Munde, one of the all-time great banjo players, Jim Hurst, a national recording artist and former guitar player for the Claire Lynch Band and Byron Berline, the legendary fiddle and mandolin player will be our three featured instructors for this event.

Digital Color Management From Input to Output

Cybergrass LearningWith the ever growing popularity of the Internet and the World-Wide-Web, many people are now incorporating digital camera and scanned images into their web pages. They are also being widely used for album covers and other promotional material. This is an interesting area as no two monitors or viewing environments look the same. That is, the appearance of an image on one computer doesn't look the same on another computer. Being that this is the case, how does one know that their image looks correct? Many people just scan in an image and assume that everything is OK. This is usually not the case. In this third Cybergrass part of the Cybergrass Education Series, we address how to get close to accurate color management with your digital color devices.

Winfield's Walnut Valley Festival National Championship Winners Announced

Walnut Valley FestivalWinfield, KS -- The 2011 Walnut Valley National Championships have been running for the past few days and we have results from those competitions. The Walnut Valley Festival sponsors eight instrumental contests. Several "big name" artists today (Mark O'Connor, Alison Krauss, Chris Thile, Peter Ostroushko, to name a few) can point to being a "Winfield winner" in their earlier years. The contests are well-attended since most contestants bring their contingent of fans and there are others who simply want to be able to say, ten years from now, "I remember back when he won Winfield."

UK's Sore Fingers Summer Schools Demand Up after BBC Coverage

Sore Fingers Summer SchoolsSore Fingers Summer Schools is Europe's leading organisation for bluegrass and old-time music camps, offering world class tuition for all the instruments played in bluegrass as well as old-time fiddle and banjo, autoharp and singing. Recently, the BBC covered the event and this has caused a rush of registrations to the bluegrass school. If you're interested in the October of next year's Easter sessions, you probably want to get started now.

Developing A Functional Electronic Press Kit

Cybergrass LearningThis is our second installment of our Cybergrass Education Series on tips for developing promotion packages for artists and those in bluegrass. As a performer, you know that you need a press kit. Every artist and band does -- its their primary marketing tool. Today, there is a myriad of ways to put a press kit together from SonicBids EPKs to fully custom website and/or DVD presentations complete with documents, stage plots, equipment requirements and even diet and beverage preferences. Yesterday's article on photography should be used with this article.

Jim Avett to Headline Bluegrass, Blues and BBQ Music Festival at Fiddler's Grove

3b Music FestivalNorth Carolina recording artist, Jim Avett is set to headline the Bluegrass, Blues and BBQ event on October 1, 2011. Jim's life was built around music – something he passed along to his sons, Seth and Scott, The Avett Brothers.

CMA EDU College Initiative Expands to Libscomb and Middle Tennessee State Universities

CMA-EDUNashville, TN -- The Country Music Association has expanded CMA EDU, the Association's education-based, national college initiative, to Lipscomb University in Nashville, and Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The program is designed to reach and engage undergraduate college students with a hands-on opportunity to enhance their skills in marketing and promotion. The program launched in February at Belmont University in Nashville with 115 members and has grown to more than 250 this semester

Taking Better Promotional Band and Artist Photographs

Cybergrass LearningThis is the first of 4 articles that I wrote over the years. This one is on what constitutes a decent or good promotional photo and can apply to general photography as well. One of the most important aspects of a bluegrass artist other than their music is their promotion. In virtually every case where a band is highlighted, there is an accompanying photograph of the artist or band. This is essential for recognition and also because listeners want to see who their listening to. So, how do you get that great photograph? Proper composition, lighting, color, and theme are all easily achieved by even the amateur photographer if they plan ahead. It is very easy to achieve professional results once you know what makes a bad picture. Rather than tell you how to take a great photograph, I'm going to discuss what to watch out for and what to avoid. Then, the creative element is all up to you.

Wildfire's Frontman, Robert Hale Plans Upcoming Solo Album

Robert HalePinecastle plans to release a solo album from Wildfire frontman, Robert Hale, in early 2012. The album is a mix between grassy and more country leaning tunes. It features Alecia Nugent, Scott Vestal, Wayne Benson, Ernie Sykes, Steve Thomas, Randy Kohrs and Shawn Lane. The project includes four songs written by Hale and ends with a creative cover of Stevie Wonder's "Sir Duke." The album was produced by Scott Vestal and Robert Hale and was recorded at Vestal's studio, Digital Underground.

Alan Bibey and Wayne Benson Preparing Mandolin Duet on Pinecastle

Alan Bibey & Wayne BensonAlan Bibey and Wayne Benson are working on a mandolin duet album for Pinecastle for release in early 2012. The album features mostly original music with one or two familiar tunes thrown in for good measure. The album will be about half dual-mandolin instrumentals and half with a full band including three to four vocal tunes. Planned guests include Wyatt Rice, Barry Bales, Ron Stewart, Russell Moore and Ronnie Bowman.

Grand Ole Opry Star Wilma Lee Cooper Passes Away

Wilma Lee Cooper/ Nashville, TN -- Grand Ole Opry member Wilma Lee Cooper passed away on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at her home in Sweetwater, Tenn. from natural causes. She had been a member of the Opry since 1957 and was 90 years old. Her last solo performance on the Opry was at the Ryman Auditorium on Feb. 24, 2001. Wilma Lee joined the Opry cast at the grand re-opening of the Opry House on Sept. 28, 2010 for a group sing-along.

Donna Hughes Heads to New York City with #1 Album

Hellos, Goodbyes, and ButterfliesMulti-award winning songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, Donna Hughes heads to New York City this weekend with the #1 album on Sirius XM Bluegrass Junction's Top 40 Most Played Albums with her Rounder Records release, "Hellos, Goodbyes, and Butterflies." Her original song, "Nothing Easy" appears in the Top 40 Most Played Songs.


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