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Monroeville - Fast Cars, Fast Songs, and ROMPsquatch?

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MonroevilleMonroeville sends us an update for the 2012 year. The band had a great time at the Argyle Bluegrass Festival in Texas where they joined one of their hero bands, Blue Highway, for some of the workshops. Now, its on to fast cars, fast songs and ROMPsquatch! Catch the rare video of ROMPsquatch below.

Fast Cars: Bristol Motor Speedway, March 17 and 18, 2012

Monroeville gets to perform for the Saturday night crowd at the Bristol Motor Speedway's St. Patrick's Day Party AND Sunday morning before the Food City 500 events! Monroeville is scheduled to play from 7p.m-8:30 p.m., followed by a toast from George Wendt and additional music from Frankie Ballard.

And, if that wasn’t one of the coolest things ever, Monroeville also has the honor of singing the National Anthem before the Ford EcoBoost 300 Nationwide Series Race on Saturday! The guys are honored to perform their Nation’s song for all of the race fans at the track, and the millions more watching on television.

However, no matter how much pleading, Scooter doesn't get to drive one of the cars. Sorry, Scooter.

Fast Songs: "Rambler's Song" (quite possibly the fastest song ever in the history of music), is the latest single off of Monroeville's self-titled EP. "Rambler's Song" was voted 1st Runner Up for the International Acoustic Music Awards in the Country/Bluegrass category!

Congratulations to Monroeville's own Daniel Salyer for writing such a great song, and, well, for just being all around great guy.

Download "Rambler's Song" from iTunes or Amazon, go to the Monroeville Store. If you're a radio station, or DJ, get it free on AirPlay Direct.

Oh yeah......ROMPsquatch?

Here's a video documentary of the elusive ROMPsquatch creature that seems to come out of hiding around the time of the annual ROMP festival in June in Owensboro, KY.

For the rest of March, we hope you get a chance to see and hear Monroeville in Georgia, Tennessee and Florida! Here are some of the events to check out:

  • March 9 and 10 - Newell Lodge, Folkston, GA
  • March 17 and 18 - Bristol Motor Speedway, Bristol, TN
  • March 24 - South Florida Music Festival, Juniper, FL

Of course, you can get all the latest news, performance schedule and more at

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