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Tornadoes Strike Bluegrass Music Country

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Tornadoes 3-2-2012Devistating tornadoes tore through Kentucky and Tennessee and also touched down in parts of Ohio, Indiana and Alabama Friday. The areas hit are where a significant number of bluegrass artists live and call home. We have not heard from some of our regular contacts and we hope they are well. They are probably cleaning up their own area and assisting others in the region. Various areas where hit hard including central Tennessee and areas around Chattanooga. Two separate waves of severe weather hit central and east Tennessee. Almost 300 tornado warnings were issued that night.

All sounds safe on the bluegrass music front as we have not heard of any artists or others who are missing. Others, however, have been not so lucky and less fortunate. For them, the bluegrass music community from pickers to radio announcers are offering their assistance in the early hours following this natural disaster.

High wind alerts remain in the Kentucky area following their encounter with the deadly storms. Kentucky was hit very hard in some areas with their death toll rising.

The path of the tornadoes went right through the region rich in bluegrass music heritage. Passing Nashville to the west, Knoxville to the southwest, all around Cleveland and Chattanooga, the tornadoes showed up anywhere and everywhere. On up into Kentucky, they seemed to encircle Lexington with twisters at all points of the compass. Funnels touched down to the south near Livingston and East Bernstadt, on the east near Frenchburg and Wellington and to the north around Owenton, Walton and other areas between lexington and Cincinnati, Ohio. West of Lexington lies Louisville and over ten tornadoes were seen just north of the city. There were others to the northeast heading towards Cincinnati as well.

The bands of storms and the footprint of destruction was a cloud over much of the cultural and heritage of the region. Thankfully, prime areas were spared the wrath of the storms. Areas to the east of Knoxville and especially Virginia's Crooked Road regions escaped the fury. Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City and their surrounding areas were also spared.

Mother Nature has no feelings or conscience and isn't selective where she places her wrath. The safety of the mountains proved to be a false security during this tantrum. While we await to hear that our friends and artists are safe, our thoughts are with those who lost so much and the families who lost loved ones.

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