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The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz Release New Video

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The Fabulous Bagasse BoyzThe moment that you all have been dreading is finally nigh...proof that the end times are near...the Mayans were right, it's this year...much to the consternation of all that is right and much for truth, justice and the American way...The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz video has finally burst forth from the depths of mediocrity!!!! "It Took A Woman Like You To Make A Man Outta Me" is on the Internet and available for viewing by going to and clicking on the "Video" tab (stop the default audio first).

The Boyz say, "The video was produced by Randy Rome Walsh of Stray Records Studio and is all his fault...he made us do it, he threatened to tell Mom about that little incident with the car if we didn't... There is also a bonus feature, "The Making of 'It Took A Woman Like You...' showcasing the photo talents of Linda McLellan.

A couple of pointers that we learned (the hard way) at the Red Carpet Gala World Premiere last sure to be sitting down when viewing the video and have a glass of water and smelling salts handy...we're just sayin'"

The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz are just fun to listen to. They've produced some fun bluegrass music that isn't over-polished and is more down-home style. The kind of bluegrass music I enjoy. Don't take the Boyz too seriously or you just might hurt yourself. In fact, it is time to get serious and throw all seriousness aside. This is the kind of music your mama told you about and told you to avoid so, you know its just what you've looking for. Enjoy!

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