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Video: Josh Williams Picks On with Unexpected Visitor to his Set

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Josh Williams BandRounder Records sends us a reminder on Josh Williams' "Bird Video." I know most of you have probably already seen this, but in case you haven't, please take a moment to watch this cute video of the Josh Williams Band shot by Ted Lehmann at the Doyle Lawson Bluegrass Festival last May. The video has over 830K views already!

The band never misses a beat as the cute little baby bird unexpectedly lands on Josh's guitar while he's playing it. The song continues with the bird riding comfortably on the back of the guitar. Needless to say, Josh couldn't continue picking for the rest of the song. It didn't matter as the bird even tried to sing during the performance.

At around 1:30 a baby bird lands on Josh's guitar and continues to sit & listen while Josh finishes his song: Thanks to Ted for capturing this special moment.

The Josh Williams Band became one of the leading explosive tributes to the tradition of music last season, after a nomination to the final round as IBMA's Emerging Artist for 2009 set their course. Their smooth vocals hold the fans spellbound. Josh, Randy, Jason & Nick blend hypnotically to take their audiences through all realms of musical sentiment, from easy-going ballads to fiery, hard-driving instrumentals. The band's unique chemistry with each other, their charisma and connection to their fans, along with their inherent musical and lyrical gifts, are producing riveting performances to sold-out audiences. Their instant appeal to every demographic is soaring JWB to new heights. With the electrically-charged magical sounds that make them so popular, Josh led the band to become “the people's choice” when they won 2010 IBMA Emerging Artist.

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