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Song Of The Mountains Needs Your Help

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Song of the MountainsSongs of the Mountain (SOTM) is still struggling tremendously to keep funded and on the air on public television. The response to funding pleas up to this point for help with donations has been very minimal. From everywhere people say how much they look forward to seeing SOTM on television each week. There is a dire need for financial support and even a small donation would add up and help if enough fans in bluegrass and old time music step up and help - this would be the salvation to the funding problems.

The potential reach across America is 146 million people per year. SOTM has a quality bluegrass and Americana program that serves their fan base like no other...ever. SOTM knows their bluegrass fans and family love this show, but if the donation do not pick up and start coming in, there will be no choice but to end this production.

Phone calls have been made, there was a production of a video which was provided at SOTM's Facebook page and on the SOTM website homepage Pleas for donations have also been put out on host, Tim White's, radio shows, but the response from bluegrass family and friends have been very sparse. SOTM urges participation and asks the fans base to not sit idly by and let this show "pass away", then realize a difference could have made after it is too late.

Tim WhiteWe all love this music...and SOTM provides a fantastic television show that showcases the beloved music of bluegrass & Americana like it should be presented. Endless hours have been spent every week working to try and make it better and better. It is known that our bluegrass and Americana fans truly do enjoy SOTM but it cannot be stressed enough this sense of urgency to the fans. Without funding, the show will truly unfortunately come to an end... and soon. SOTM receives NO money whatsoever from PBS. SOTM depends entirely on the generous support from the fans and underwriters. However, in this economy, corporate dollars are not there for underwriting like it was just a few years ago so SOTM must turn to their fans and supporters.

With that said...IT IS NOT TOO LATE! But people must react now. It is hoped everyone that reads this will react, and soon - PLEASE! Thanks to each and every one for their concern and willingness to help. If anyone has any further ideas or ways as to get a much broader word out for SOTM, it will be most certainly appreciated. Please do act now and do not wait! Pass this along to all any/all bluegrass, old time music and Americana fans that you can and let continue, SAVE this wonderful program SOTM.

Donations can be sent to:

Song of the Mountains
117 East Main Street
Marion, Virginia 24354

Donations are easily accepted at SOTM's website. On their homepage, just look at the upper right-hand corner for the "Free Gift" banner,

Tim White
Executive Coordinator & Host
Song of the Mountains
P.O. Box 750
Blountville, TN 37617

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