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Hot New Bluegrass Music Single Releases on Rural Rhythm

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Chronology by LRBNashville, TN -- Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce numerous new hot bluegrass music single releases now available at and releasing to radio this week via Fresh Cuts & Key Tracks CD.

Fresh Cuts includes new songs by: Marty Raybon, Lonesome River Band, Brand New Strings, plus the first single release from the highly anticipated new album Musicians Against Childhood Cancer album, Life Goes On with: Jerry Salley, Carl Jackson, Rickey Wasson, Larry Cordle, Ronnie Bowman, Ron Stewart, Jim VanCleve, Alan Bibey, Clay Hess, Randy Kohrs, Jay Weaver, Garnet Bowman, Ashley Kohrs, D.A. Adkins, Len Butler, Gary Payne, and Dale "Chicken Grease" Pyatt.

Key Tracks includes the second single release, "Trailblazer" by The Roys from their album, Lonesome Whistle; "Cry, Cry, Darlin" by Audie Blaylock & Redline from their album, I'm going Back to Old Kentucky - A Bill Monroe Celebration; "My Baby Think's He's a Train" by Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie from their album, The Touch of Time; and "Bluegrass Breakdown" by Ronnie Reno & The Reno Tradition featuring Mike Scott from the album, Live at Bean Blossom.

Detailed track information on these Fresh Cuts and Key Tracks:

    1. "Dirt Road Heartache" – Marty Raybon (2:59), Melissa Pierce, Jerry Salley
      Marty Raybon (Lead Vocal); Tim Raybon (Harmony Vocal); Justin Moses (Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle, Dobro); Kenny Smith (Guitar); Mark Fain (Bass) – Produced by Marty Raybon.
      This Bluegrass barn burner is the first single from the upcoming album containing 9 classics from his previous solo albums along with 2 new original songs, (including this single), and a wonderful acoustic version of Shenandoah's big hit and fan favorite "I Want To Be Loved Like That." Southern Roots & Branches will take you on a fun musical journey from Marty Raybon's storied past to his present as a Bluegrass festival headliner.
      From the upcoming album Southern Roots & Branches (RUR-1097) set for release in April 2012. Song now available on
    2. "Close the Door Lightly When You Go" – Lonesome River Band (2:49) (Eric Anderson)
      Sammy Shelor: (Banjo); Randy Jones (Lead Vocal, Mandolin); Brandon Richman (Harmony Vocal, Guitar); Mike Hartgrove (Fiddle); Barry Reed (Harmony Vocal, Bass) – Produced by Lonesome River Band.
      To commemorate LRB'S 30 Year milestone, a special 30th anniversary retrospective collection titled Chronology will have the group recording twenty-four songs, to be released in a series of three 8-song EPs, one for each decade of the group's existence. The material will lean heavily on updated versions of many of the LRB's most popular songs during each decade, reprised by the current group with "Close The Door Lightly When You Go" being the first single for the first volume in the Chronology series.
      From the upcoming album Chronology, Volume One (RUR-1101) releasing February 28, 2012. Song now available at
    3. "Life Goes On" – Various Artists (Dale Pyatt and Steve Thomas)
      Jerry Salley (Lead & Harmony Vocal); Carl Jackson (Lead & Harmony Vocal, Guitar); Rickey Wasson (Lead & Harmony Vocal); Larry Cordle (Lead & Harmony Vocal); Ronnie Bowman (Lead & Harmony Vocal); Ron Stewart (Fiddle); Jim Van Cleve (Fiddle); Alan Bibey (Mandolin); Clay Hess (Guitar); Randy Kohrs (Harmony vocal, Dobro); Jay Weaver (Bass); Garnet Bowan, Ashley Kohrs, D.A. Adkins, Len Butler, Gary Payne, Dale "Chicken Grease" Pyatt (Harmony Vocals) – Produced by Randy Kohrs, Carl Jackson, Larry Cordle, Jerry Salley and Jim VanCleve.
      The 2006 IBMA "Album of the Year" was Celebration of Life, which was recorded live at the Musicians Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) festival with proceeds benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. MACC was founded by Darrel and Phyllis Adkins in honor of their daughter, Amanda Lynn "Mandy" Adkins who lost her battle with cancer on November 25, 2000. Life Goes On is the next chapter for this important music project and once again the Bluegrass music community has stepped up and supported the project with open arms and a big heart. The title track surely speaks to the heart and soul and gives us a glimpse of the All-Star artist power contained on this exciting new 2 CD Set.
      From the upcoming album Life Goes On - Musicians Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) (RUR-1094) scheduled for release in March 2012. Song now available at
    4. "Other Side of Lonesome" – Brand New Strings (2:40) (Randall Massengill)
      Randall Massengill (Lead & Tenor Vocal, Guitar, Metal Body Guitar); Mike Ramsey (Mandolin); Stuart Wyrick (Banjo); Preston Schmidt (FIDDLE); Tony Mowell (Upright Bass); Corey Meuchel (Percussion) –Produced by Preston Schmidt and Brand New Strings
      Brand New Strings really hit the ground running ever since their 2010 debut album No Strings Attached garnering chart hits, selection as a 2010 IBMA Showcase Artist, and inclusion on two Rural Rhythm live event albums: The All-Star Jam -- Live at Graves Mountain and the Bill Monroe 100th Year Celebration - Live at Bean Blossom.
      "Other Side of Lonesome" is the first single from their second Rural Rhythm album titled Stay Tuned and contains strong lead vocals by Randall, tight harmony, and powerful instrumentation that has been a signature of Brand New Strings.
      From the upcoming album Stay Tuned (RUR-1098) scheduled for release in March 2012. Song is now available at
    1. "Trailblazer" – The Roys (3:27) (Elaine Roy, Steve Dean, Bethany Dean)
      Elaine Roy (Lead Vocal), Lee Roy (Harmony Vocal); Justin Moses: (Banjo); Andy Leftwich (Mandolin, Fiddle); Randy Kohrs (Dobro); Cody Kilby (Acoustic Guitar); Mark Fain (Bass)
      From the album Lonesome Whistle (RUR-1080). Album available at
    2. "Cry, Cry Darlin'" – Audie Blaylock and Red Line (2:35) (Jimmy C. Newman)
      Audie Blaylock (Lead Vocal, Guitar); Ronnie McCoury (Mandolin); Glenn Duncan (Fiddle); Jason Carter (Fiddle); Patrick McAvinue (Fiddle); Russ Carson (Banjo); Reed Jones (Bass)
      From the album I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky> (RUR-1081. Album available at
    3. "My Baby Thinks He's a Train" – Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie (3:28) (Leroy Preston)
      Bill Emerson (Banjo); Teri Chism (Lead Vocal, Bass); Wayne Lanham (Harmony Vocal, Mandolin); Chris StifelL (Harmony Vocal, Guitar); Jenny Obert (Fiddle) – Produced By Bill Emerson
      The Touch of Time, Bill's third album since forming the Sweet Dixie Band in 2007, is sure to please with sounds of traditional bluegrass to modern country style songs with a highly identifiable style. The band includes no less than three fantastic lead singers, each with their own distinct style. Bill continues to amaze us with his creativity and insights as to how he wants the songs and the band to sound. The first single from Bill's third album for Rural Rhythm is a wonderful version of Rosanne Cash's big 1981 hit "My Baby Thinks He's A Train" performed with the same hard drivin' passion and fun by Sweet Dixie member Teri Chism.
      From the album The Touch of Time (RUR-1079) releasing January 31, 2012. Album available at
    4. "Bluegrass Breakdown" – Ronnie Reno & The Reno Tradition (Featuring Mike Scott) (3:17) (Bill Monroe)
      Ronnie Reno (Mandolin); Jackie Miller (Mandolin); John Maberry (Mandolin); Mike Scott (Banjo); Robin Smith (Bass)– Produced by Sammy Shelor
      Rural Rhythm saluted the "Father of Bluegrass" on the 100th Year Celebration – Live at Bean Blossom album recorded live during the legendary annual Bean Blossom Festival last year. The album was produced by Sammy Shelor (Lonesome River Band). "Bluegrass Breakdown" is from this Bill Monroe Tribute album and gives us a different twist with the triple mandolins on one of Bill Monroe's most powerful and compelling instrumentals first recorded in 1947.
      From the recently released album Bill Monroe 100th Year Celebration – Live at Bean Blossom (RUR-1090). Album available at

For more information on Rural Rhythm Records and these new songs, please visit by Audie Blaylock by Audie Blaylock by Audie Blaylock /b

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