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#10 on Billboard for All-Star Jam - Live at Graves Mountain

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Graves Mountain All Star JamThe All Star Jam - Live at Graves Mountain, a special recorded event album, hit #10 this week on the Billboard Bluegrass Album Chart. Mark Newton, the album's Producer and Production Coordinator said, "The Bluegrass fans that attended this years Graves Mountain Festival of Music in Syria, Virginia were really excited about getting the CD we recorded last year. A good number of these attendees were at the recording a year ago. It was their opportunity for them to take home a piece of history and have the Rural Rhythm CD as part of their collection which captures the spirit of what Bluegrass festivals are all about.

While the label has released numerous videos from the event, they will soon announce details of a full-length DVD. Fans will then get to see even more exciting performances and fun intros by: Lonesome River Band, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, Audie Blaylock & Redline, Lou Reid and Carolina, Carrie Hassler, The Crowe Brothers; with special guests Mark Newton, Carl Jackson, Brand New Strings, and emceed by Sirius-XM radio personality Kyle Cantrell.

The album currently has two songs moving up the charts including: "Graves Mountain Memories" written by Carl Jackson, who also performed on the song with Russell Moore, Lou Reid, Audie Blaylock, Carrie Hassler, Mark Newton, Sammy Shelor, Wayne Benson, Mike Anglin and Mike Hartgrove; and "Head Over Heels" by Carrie Hassler, Brandon Rickman and Brand New Strings

"Idyllic bluegrass festival - idyllic bluegrass. Some would say that bluegrass is at its best when played live, and this multi-artist recording, made at Grave's Mountain Festival of Music, proves this true. On the All-Star Jam, Rural Rhythm's favorite artists holler and pick their way through 12 songs. Wistful vocal harmonies, top-notch musicianship and some long-awaited bluegrass pairings flow throughout the album. You'll get a real feeling for the festival as well, as all of the introductions to the songs are intact and there's a scrapbook of photos in the liner notes. Even the sad songs sound happy when played outside on a sunny day."
  ~ John Shelton Ivany Top 21 Albums

"This is a very good CD that showcases some great names in bluegrass and demonstrates one of the fun parts of the genre: how artists can mix-and-match with each other with little or no advance preparation and still put on a great performance."
  ~ Lonesome Road Review

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