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James Reams Celebrates 25 Years of Bluegrass with Self Documentary

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Like A Flowing River: A Bluegrass Passage"Like A Flowing River: A Bluegrass Passage," a film by MediaSmith, relates the story of bluegrass veteran performer, James Reams, who will be celebrating his 25th anniversary as a bluegrass band leader this year

The music business is particularly tough on the little guys. They're the "unsung" heroes out there in the trenches keeping this music alive and loved by fans everywhere. Most of them rarely last more than a couple years. That's why when a bluegrass musician like James Reams celebrates 25 years as a bandleader, it's news in the bluegrass world. James has hung in there during downright hungry times and radical changes in the music world.

The release date is targeted March 2018 as James begins a year long 25th Anniversary Celebration. Your support for this latest project through media coverage is much appreciated. James is available for interviews on radio programs or for articles. A trailer for the film is available.

This documentary touches on themes of loneliness, homelessness, a life-threatening illness, a career threatening surgery, and great loss. Through all of these possible dams and blockages, James has found a way to continue flowing with the music that he loves so much. It's as much a story about hope as it is about being a musician.

James commented on why he agreed to do this film, "As I get ready to celebrate 25 years as a bandleader, I thought why not! You don't have to be a big name to have a story to tell. And maybe, just maybe, my story will encourage someone else who is struggling to keep his or her head above water in the music industry or any creative endeavor."

"There have been so many twists and turns in my career, sometimes I wonder how on earth I got through it all," marveled James in a recent interview about the film. This film is for all those on that are being carried along on the sometimes peaceful, and often times raging, river that is bluegrass music.

This film is for all who enjoy this bluegrass music including those who perform on stage and those who only jam in the privacy of their own backyard. It's for the songwriters and van drivers, the festival promoters and festival goers, the record producers and the record players. It's a film for the "every man" or "every woman" of bluegrass music and of life itself.

James was excited about giving Joshua Smith the opportunity to do his first Documentary. " I love to give bright talented young creators the opportunity to refine thier craft.

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