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Sideline Welcomes Fiddler Daniel Greeson to Their Fold

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Daniel Greeson by Michael G. StewartNashville, TN -- Carolina-Grassers Sideline will officially welcome fiddler Daniel Greeson to the fold at their Big Lick Bluegrass Festival show in Oakboro, North Carolina on April 13. Just 21, Daniel already has years of experience under his strings. The Jamestown, North Carolina native began playing fiddle when he was only six years old - after his uncle found a fiddle in the trash. Under the tutelage of J.B. Prince, he would go on to join the famed Junior Appalachian Musicians program. JAM offered Daniel the chance to meet many great players - and he would go on to study under Dewey Brown and Hunter Berry. Currently enrolled in the Bluegrass program at East Tennessee State University, Daniel has been a traveling member of the Bluegrass/Gospel group, The Churchmen, for the last three years.

"We're really excited to have Daniel join our band," says Skip Cherryholmes, founding member and guitarist for Sideline. "He will be the youngest member of the group by far, but he has a great understanding of the old style and gives it youthful execution and tenacity." Skip also noted, "Daniel will bring a whole new dimension to our sound."

Notes Daniel, "I've been blessed to play with some wonderful musicians and meet some great people these past few years. I look forward to the opportunity to travel and grow that Sideline offers."

The newcomer joins the powerhouse players just as their latest single, "Thunder Dan," is impacting radio. The track is from the band's upcoming album, Front and Center, on Mountain Home Music Company.

A pedigreed six-piece powerhouse that has set the pace in Bluegrass for over two decades, Sideline was founded by Steve Dilling (banjo), Skip Cherryholmes (guitar) and Jason Moore (bass). The three have all made historical and significant contributions to the genre as members of highly-awarded groups, with multiple Grand Ole Opry appearances, and years of global touring behind them. What started as a side project for these seasoned players soon moved to the front and center, and the band is now rounded out by Bailey Coe (guitar), Troy Boone (mandolin) and newest member, Daniel Greeson (fiddle).

With songs that range from pulse-pounding barn burners to those sung from the heart, this sextet brings perfected timing and dynamic - as well as visceral emotion - to their music. With three previous successful album releases, audiences have found that whether live or recorded, the group moves dynamically from well chosen, neo-traditional covers to new material curated with a holistic sense of identity and mission. Add their on-stage energy and powerful harmonies to the mix, and you have the best of the revered Carolina-Grass sound.

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