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IBMA and Foundation Complete Merger

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International Bluegrass Music AssociationNashville, TN -- The International Bluegrass Music Association, Inc. and the IBMA Foundation (formerly the Foundation for Bluegrass Music Inc.) have officially merged into a single organization. The merger recognizes and formalizes the historic relationship between the two organizations and will help to strengthen coordination of their fundraising and operations.

Joe Mullins, Chair of the IBMA, added, “I am grateful for the planning and execution of this merger, with many hours invested by the Board of Directors of IBMA, the Board and officers of the Foundation and Paul Schiminger, IBMA E.D., and Nancy Cardwell, the Foundation Administrator. Bluegrass music is our shared passion, and now it’s easier for each member of our community to participate in successfully funding the efforts of the association on behalf of our membership, and the programming encouraged and supported by the Foundation”.

By implementing this merger, the Boards of the IBMA and the Foundation foresee a closer relationship with increased alignment and coordination between these organizations.

The Foundation now enjoys greater access to IBMA’s staff and infrastructure to facilitate joint fundraising and other joint efforts that benefit both organizations. The IBMA, for the first time since its inception, is able to accept charitable contributions directly from donors, who can claim tax deductions for those contributions. The IBMA will seek to benefit as well from its new capacity to apply for grants as a Section 501(c)(3) organization.

IBMA, the professional bluegrass organization founded in 1985, has been instrumental in the creation of institutions and programs that preserve the legacy and foster the future of bluegrass music. These include the Bluegrass Hall of Fame (originally the Bluegrass Hall of Honor), the International Bluegrass Music Museum, the Bluegrass Trust Fund (a safety net for bluegrass professionals), World of Bluegrass, and, in 2007, the Foundation for Bluegrass Music.

Paul Schiminger, Executive Director of the IBMA emphasized, “The strong 10-year partnership of the IBMA and what is now the IBMA Foundation has now become even stronger. Each organization benefits from this combined effort to carry forward ongoing efforts to educate, connect, and empower the bluegrass community. This merger will create efficiencies to attract and utilize additional resources necessary to fulfill our collective mission.”

The merger became effective on November 30, 2017.

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