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12 Year Old Mikaya Taylor Releases her First Original Single

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Mikaya Taylor12 Year Old Mikaya Taylor continues to impress and this young age. She recorded her first CD at 10 and it made it across the country with your airplay. She now has recorded her first original single about her personal life story. This is my first original single release about my personal life story.

A song entitled "I Never Really Knew Him" written by Barbara Owens. This song has already touched thousands of people when they heard it. It is a powerful story about how I have been affected by not having my father in my life. I hope that everyone who listens to my song is touched in a special way and blessed beyond measure. I hope to send out a message of hope to kids out there that they can be a successful part of society without their absent parent and even though they weren't around they can be OK without them.

There is such a strong message in this song that even father's and mother's who have left their children have messaged us telling how this song has had a huge impact on them. I'm certain you won't be disappointed. Everyone knows someone that can relate to my song. Who knows, depending on how well this song does we may do a whole new album with this song as the title cut.

At age 10, Mikaya Taylor entered the Female Bluegrass Vocalist World with a Bang. She is being called "Kentucky’s Singing Angel" and has quite a following at area Festivals and on Social Media. Mikaya lives in a small town called Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. She is in the 5th grade. Mikaya has been singing since she was two around the house.

She has always had a great love for music. She sang her first song publicly at Woodland Arts Festival and following her performance she was immediately booked for Festival of the Bluegrass in 2016. People immediately fell in love with her. On October 19th, 2015 Mikaya was a Woodsongs Kid on the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour with Michael Johnathon. That was the best night of her life!!!

A year later at age 11, Mikaya recorded her first CD called Small Town Big Heart. She was honored to have Curt Chapman play Bass from the band Flashback, Danny Barnes on Mandolin from the band Blind Ricky, Frank Kemper on Guitar previously from Kentucky Blue and Kevin Chilton on Banjo with Kentucky Spirit. Her album was recorded at Old Time Recording Studio by Danny Barnes and Randall Conn.

Mikaya didn't hold back. She tackled the high bar head on. "Blue Kentucky Girl" became best known by Emmylou Harris on the album by the same name. Mikaya pulled it off. Then with "Ashes of Love" she again proves that she is willing to measure up. Then with the Alison Krauss cover "When You Say Nothing At All," she adds her own inflection and again records an very listenable track. Then, she even goes after the Dolly Parton hit, "Jolene." A bit faster tempo than the original but the feeling is there which makes this song such a big hit.

This is a young talent to keep an eye on. She has the dedication, insight and talent to go far.

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