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Ed Schaeffer & Rattlesnake Hill Share Old Original "Country Girl"

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Featuring Carl Nelson & Rattlesnake HillEd Schaeffer & Rattlesnake Hill have been around bluegrass for quite a while. Earlier the band name was No Leeway but due to band changes and time, Rattlesnake Hill was born. The band has a woven fabric of musicians that have share the fabric of Seldom Scene, Jay Armsworthy & Eastern Tradition, and others. The band has incorporated Fred Travers, Willie Oldes, Mike Phipps, Mark Vann and others. Needless to say, this is a band worthy of more attention.

Ed sent out a note sharing one of his old originals that also includes Seldom Scene pickers on it. "Country Girl" and, this is a song worthy of sharing with our readers. Click the "Country Girl" link to hear it.

In 1981, Ed did two recording projects featuring completely original bluegrass material, and featured some of the very finest musicians in the genre, including Phil Rosenthal, Fred Travers, Mark Vann, Ben Eldridge, Carl Nelson, and Lou Reid. The group's second CD, High Lonesome Sound, was another mix of originals, six from Ed, two instrumentals from Phil Rosenthal, one instrumental from Ben Eldridge, and one Fred Moore song.

Rattlesnake Hill is an exciting bluegrass band featuring Ed Schaeffer on lead vocals and guitar, John Bruce on the 5-string Gibson Bowtie banjo, Barb Diederich on standup acoustic bass, and Rick Shryock on fiddle.

We perform traditional bluegrass with a contemporary flair and blend instrumental work with vocal harmonies. Our repertoire includes traditional bluegrass, with an accent on interesting older material not generally played. We also add songs from the golden era of country music, and include originals penned by Ed (and others). All material is played with traditional acoustic instruments, amplified for performance, but never electrified. We have a treasure-trove of songs across the bluegrass spectrum, and appeal to the most discriminating audience.

Rattlesnake Hill was a regular cast member on the “Appalachian Jubilee” live country show and syndicated radio program for six years, and has produced eight albums, including 19th Century Man, Carl Nelson with Rattlesnake Hill and Live at Cactus Flats on Fathers Day.

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