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Hillbilly Gypsies' Jamie Lynn Buckner Diagnosed with Cancer

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Jamie Lynn BucknerJamie Lynn Buckner of the Hillbilly Gypsies announced that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Since her announcement, both the band's website and her own have been receiving good wishes and prayers for her. She will under go surgery today and will know more about her situation after further tests.

The following is her announcement...

I have gone back and forth a lot over the past few months trying to decide if I should go public with some news and, after much thought, I feel it is only fair to my husband, band mates, as well as all of you to be upfront and honest in regards to my situation as it will impede my ability to tour and perform with the Gypsies for an unknown duration of time (among other things). I hate to do it, but Facebook is going to be the best way for me to get the news out there. I've been so blessed to have met and made so many wonderful friends in my thirty-eight years on this planet... What a lucky girl I am. Really.
I'll try to keep this short and sweet.
In early October of last year, Trae and I discovered a lump in my right breast. After many mammograms, x-rays, and MRIs they also discovered many calcifications scattered throughout my breast, in addition to the mass. I underwent a double biopsy at the end of that month and received a call from my doctor whilst in Spain in November stating that the calcifications had come back as precancerous and that the mass was positive for cancer.
After meeting with the surgeons, we've decided that the best and most effective treatment in my case will be to have a simple mastectomy (with a sentinel node biopsy to ensure that none of the cancer has spread to my lymph nodes) - which I will be undergoing this Wednesday, January 25th. My doctors seem very hopeful that by removing my breast completely that they'll be removing all of the cancer from my body and that I will not require any radiation or chemotherapy. This isn't a guarantee at all, mind you. I won't know exactly what I am looking at until the test results come back after my surgery. I will have to cross that bridge when I get to it.
So... that's that then. If you know me at all, then you must know that I am still smiling. I am staying my happy, positive self. I won't let this get me down. Hardships and pain give us experience, and experience helps us to grow. No one wants to get this kind of news. All we can do is face what fate throws at you and give it the best fighting spirit you can... I just feel it is so much better to try to find the good in any situation we may find ourselves in. It certainly can't hurt, right? So I'm going to keep smiling.
I promise, I will be back on stage singing and dancing and smiling again as soon as I am physically and mentally able to do so. Right now though, I need to do something I have trouble with... focus on myself for a while. And I intend to do just that. This will be an adventure, I'm certain.
Thank you all. I'll still be around. No worries

Trae and Jamie Lynhn Buckner, original founding members and lead singers for The Hillbilly Gypsies as well as husband and wife, have also performed internationally on multiple occasions. Jamie Lynn Buckner provides the lead & harmony vocals for the group. The Hillbilly Gypsies have performed three times at the Al Ras Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival in Barcelona, Spain – headlining the festival’s ten year anniversary. In addition to Barcelona, they have performed in Prague, the Czech Republic. They have travelled to Ireland where they made several appearances and lots of new friends. Trae and Jamie Lynn not only represent the Hillbilly Gypsies, they represent American mountain music and the heritage and culture of West Virginia and Appalachia while traveling abroad.

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