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"Something About A Train" Debuts at #1 on Roots Music Report

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Small Town HeroesValerie Smith and Liberty Pike score two in the top 10 at Roots Music Contemporary Bluegrass Chart. Valerie writes, "One day I was teaching at school and received a call from songwriters Dawn Kenney and Dave Morris letting me know that the song they wrote and I recorded with my band, Liberty Pike, "Something About A Train" had debuted at #1 on the Roots Music Contemporary Bluegrass Chart. I am so very excited and thrilled!"

After looking at the chart, she discovered that "I Took Momma to the Opry" was charting at #6 on the Roots Music Chart and the host album for these two songs, Small Town Heroes was at #27 on the contemporary album chart.

Valeries notes that she was overwhelmed and so thankful during this holiday season and offers a big holiday thank you to all the radio programmers who play her music and also, to all her fans that request her songs.

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike recently released their latest project, Small Town Heroes along with their single, "Something About a Train" to their outlets in October. Valerie says, "Something About A Train" has a memorable melody and colorful lyrics. It’s fun to sing – it actually sings itself – and is a pleasure to perform.”

Valerie Smith has developed a unique style and sound that has rocked the bluegrass world for almost two decades with a string of national and international tours, critically acclaimed recordings, and Grammy, IBMA and Dove Award nominations. Val's vocals are impressive. She has a staggeringly expansive range and the ability to portray an amazing array of emotion. As NPR radio host Dave Higgs has noted, "She can be sassy, sultry, siren-like, sweet, smooth, soothing and smoldering---sometimes during the span of just one song!" Valerie Smith and her East Coast-based band, Liberty Pike featuring legendary Hall of Famer Tom Gray on bass, are consistent audience pleasers and skilled musicians. When Valerie walks on stage with her fabulous band, expect to be inspired, amused and thoroughly entertained.

Originally from Missouri and now based in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, a charming little historic town just southeast of Nashville, Valerie Smith is an award winning bluegrass and American roots artist and songwriter. Since 1998 Smith has made thousands of fans and friends with her music, on stages across the United States, as well as in Europe, Canada and the United Kingdom. Her band is named “Liberty Pike” after the road that connects Bell Buckle to Nashville.
"Small Town Heroes" reflects small town America and the people who make our lives colorful and better. It also has a lyrical undertone of challenges that everyday people have to face each day (economic, family, and personal). The current band are talented musicians and vocalists who reflect that very ideology - they work every day and yet have a passion to play music whenever, wherever they can; that is what helped build bluegrass, traditional country and old-time music in today’s world. The project also features the only 2-time inductee to the IBMA Hall of Fame, Tom Gray, including a song that he wrote and sings in honor of his legendary bass, “Bessie”.

The album features a dozen tracks showcasing the talents of Valerie and her band. The tracks featured on Small Town Heroes include:

  1. "Little Liza Jane"
  2. "Something About a Train"
  3. "Bottle of Tears"
  4. "So Long, Lindytown"
  5. "Winter's Dream"
  6. "Bluegrass Dollars"
  7. "I Took Mama to the Opry"
  8. "Small Town Hero"
  9. "Farmer's Prayer"
  10. "Wall Street"
  11. "Wayfaring Stranger"
  12. "Bessie's Tune (feat. Tom Gray)"

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