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43rd SPBGMA Nominations Announced

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SPBGMA LogoThe Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA) Bluegrass Music Award nominees have been announced. The 43rd Annual SPBGMA Bluegrass Music Awards will take place during the 34th National SPBGMA Convention to be held at the Sheraton Music City Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee February 2-5, 2017. The awards show is definitely the highlight of the annual event and bluegrass music's biggest stars will be there participating in performances as well as collecting their respective trophies.

SPBGMA serves to preserve the traditional spirit and art form of Bluegrass music. The organization also offers a management service for any community desiring to hold a Bluegrass festival and/or to organize and conduct Bluegrass Band competitions. In all SPBGMA sponsored events, instruments must be traditional acoustic instruments, no electrified instruments permitted. SPBGMA encourages professionalism in appearance and showmanship by the performers at SPBGMA events as well as encouraging the support of various Bluegrass publications and associations.

This event is always a favorite and includes the Showcase of Bands, Workshops, opportunities for promoters and talent buyers to view new and existing artists to see what's new. There are trade exhibits, record companies and more available for the artists and the fans. Of course, this is also an exciting time in bluegrass music where the fans and their favorite artists get to mingle and socialize as well. It is definitely and friendly, up close and personal experience for all involved.

The big awards night will take place next month where the attending members will cast their ballots to see who takes home the 2017 honors. Here are the nominations for the honors to be awarded in Nashville, Tennessee next month.

Listed by Category, the 2017 nominees are:

  1. Bluegrass Promoter of the Year
    • Norman Adams
    • Bertie Sullivan
    • Ryan Frankhouser
    • DA Callaway
    • Mathan Holt
    • Dwight Dillman
  2. Bluegrass Radio Station of the Year
    • WBRF-FM Galax, VA
    • WFPK-FM Louisville, KY
    • WXHB-FM Richton, MS
    • Sirius XM 061-Bluegrass Junction
    • WMMT-FM Whitesburg, KY
    • WSM-AM, Nashville, TN
  3. Bluegrass DJ of the Year
    • Judith Burnette WBRF Galax, VA
    • Bob Mitchell WFPK Louisville, KY
    • David McPhail WXHB Richton, MS
    • Kyle Cantrell Sirius XM 061
    • Chris Jones Sirius XM 061
    • Freddy Smith WDVX Knoxville, TN
  4. Bluegrass Songwriter of the Year
    • Larry Norfleet
    • Jr. Sisk
    • Milan Miller
    • Ron Spears
    • Daryl Mosley
    • Becky Buller
  5. Bluegrass Album of the Year
    • Most Welcomeby Branded Bluegrass produced by Clay Hess on Hayes Studio and Productions
    • David Parmley & Cardinal Tradtionby David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition produced by David Parmley and Dale Perry at Lakeside Recording Studios
    • Dig in the Dirt by The Farm Hands on Pinecastle Records
    • Playing Hard To Forget by Claybank on Rural Rhythm Records
    • Bridging the Tradition by Lonesome River Band on Mountain Home Music
    • Drifter by Volume Five on Mountain Fever Records
  6. Bluegrass Bass Fiddle Performer of the Year
    • Mike Martin
    • Ron Spears
    • Gary Trivette
    • Mickey Harris
    • Mike Bubb
    • Kyle Perkins
  7. Bluegrass Dobro Performer of the Year
    • Phil Ledbetter
    • Tim Graves
    • Rob Ickes
    • Jerry Douglas
    • Brent Burke
    • Josh Swift
  8. Bluegrass Guitar Performer of the Year
    • Clay Hess
    • David Parmley
    • Keith Tew
    • Josh Williams
    • Bryan Sutton
    • Kenny Smith
  9. Bluegrass Mandolin Performer of the Year
    • Tristin Norfleet
    • Zack Arnold
    • Sam Bush
    • Larry Stephenson
    • Wayne Benson
    • Danny Roberts
  10. Bluegrass Banjo Performer of the Year
    • Don Hill
    • Jesse Norfleet
    • Kenny Ingram
    • Aaron McDaris
    • Charlie Cushman
    • Sammy Shelor
  11. Bluegrass Fiddle Performer of the Year
    • Gil Benson
    • Steve Day
    • Ron Stewart
    • Michael Cleveland
    • Hunter Berry
    • Jason Carter
  12. Female Vocalist of the Year (Overall)
    • Charli Robertson
    • Amanda Smith
    • Dale Ann Bradley
    • Rhonda Vincent
    • Jeanette Williams
    • Summer McMahan
  13. Male Vocalist of the Year (Overall)
    • Larry Norfleet
    • David Parmley
    • Jr Sisk
    • Larry Stephenson
    • Danny Paisley
    • Daryl Mosley
  14. Bluegrass Gospel Group of the Year
    • Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers
    • The Farm Hands
    • Volume Five
    • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
    • Paul Williams & The Victory Trio
    • Branded Bluegrass
  15. Bluegrass Vocal Group of the Year
    • Flatt Lonesome
    • David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition
    • The Farm Hands
    • ClayBank
    • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
    • Balsam Range
  16. Bluegrass Instrumental Group of the Year
    • David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition
    • The Farm Hands
    • Bluegrass Brothers
    • Rhonda Vincent & The Rage
    • Ronnie Reno and The Reno Tradition
    • Lonesome River Band
  17. Bluegrass Band of the Year (Overall)
    • Rhonda Vincent & The Rage
    • Flatt Lonesome
    • The Farm Hands
    • Balsam Range
    • David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition
    • ClayBank
  18. Bluegrass Entertainer(s) of the Year
    • Volume Five
    • The Farm Hands
    • Flatt Lonesome
    • Remington Ryde
    • Ronnie Reno
    • Balsam Range
  19. Bluegrass Song of the Year
    • "I Am A Drifter" by Volume 5 on Mountain Fever Records
    • "Dig in the Dirt" by The Farm Hands on Pinecastle Records
    • "Up on ClayBank" by ClayBank on Rural Rhythm Records
    • "Thunder & Lightening" by Lonesome River Band on Mountain Home Music
    • "The Hills of Home" by David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition on Lakeside Recording Studios

Congratulations to all the nominees and our gratitude for all the fine bluegrass music during the past year.

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