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Casey Driessen: The Singularity Tour 2012

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Casey DriessenWhat began as an occasional experiment at camps, festival workshops, and during practice room shenanigans will now become the focus for Casey Driessen next year. The setup is simple: Casey + fiddle + pedal board + a mess of wires. Using recording and looping technology along with digital effects pedals, he will build arrangements and songs layer by layer in real-time for the audience. There is a wide and colorful range of sounds and textures possible from just the fiddle, and he intends to set out on a sonic adventure. You're invited to come along for the ride.

Selections will range from heavily layered compositions with a gradual build: "Casey Driessen: The Singularity Tour. Performing The Heartbeat Kid"

Casey comments, "And many degrees in between. My time with Béla Fleck & the Flecktones comes to an end at the 25th anniversary of MerleFest next which point I kick off my tour and host the Midnight Jam again. Please keep an eye on my GIGS Page to see when The Singularity Tour lands in a town near you."

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