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“There’s A Storm Coming”, a New Project by Carl Towns is Brewing

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Carl TownsTime flies. Seven years have gone by in a flash.(Kind of like lightning.) That’s how long it has been since Carl Towns has released a new project into the Bluegrass world. His previous, “Songs From My Childhood Vol. 1”, came out in 2009 and remained strong for several years. And like that project, “There’s A Storm Coming” will be an all-gospel release. But this time it will be full of Carl’s original material, along with a few traditional songs.

As the title implies, this themed project will be centered around “storms” as part of the song content. Several songs will be songs about “The last days” spoken of in the Bible. Others will be about those “storms” of life we face every day.

Carl goes into the studio to begin recording this 14 song project on September 15th, 2016 and it is rumored that there may be an “Easter Egg” aka bonus track, planned for the CD. The first single is scheduled to be sent to DJs by November, 2016, while the full project is scheduled for a January, 2017 release.

Carl is a songwriter, who has had some success with his song, "Midnight Train" and "Cherokee Wind" among others. You can hear some of his original songs and covers in his band. The Carl Towns band is looking for bookings for the 2016-2017 season across the Nation.

Carl was born into this tradition, and first got serious about playing an instrument in 1980 as he learned the Upright Bass, then Guitar and then Mandolin. Carl began playing with his family, "The Bluegrass Harmoneers" at the age of 14 as Bass player and sometime singer.

As he grew in skill and confidence, he switched to Mandolin and more lead singing. This ultimately led to Carl signing with Greenback Records in 1998 and touring as Carl T. Towns singing country and bluegrass music around Europe and the United States. After his stint with Greenback, Carl formed Cherokee Wind and began touring again performing strictly Bluegrass music.

After members of Cherokee Wind became sick(including his mother), Carl chose to travel with Blue River in the early 2000s and tour with them instead of pursuing Cherokee Wind further. he played for several years with Blue River which was the house band for Hoofers Gospel Barn in LaGrange, Georgia.

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