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Larry & John Gillis and Swampgrass Return to Bluegrass

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Larry & John GillisAre Ya’ll Ready? After fifteen long years and after neck & back surgeries, John Gillis is healthy and ready to return to the bluegrass world with his brother Larry Gillis & the Swampgrass Band. The serious injuries he incurred, hindered him from the hard road life as a musician. But with the modern medical technologies of today, he is now able to travel full time, and with his love for the music, he is excited and more than ready.

Larry has been hoping for this day for years, praying for his better health. The Good Lord made it possible again. They will be performing the same hard driving show as they always did with the brother harmonies, but will be blended in with the powerful and lonesome songs and tunes of their southern roots, the Swampgrass style.

Brought up in a Christian home, the brothers were taught at an early age to play music. They often sang and played in churches, nursing homes, and town halls around the area as they grew up. Back during the 1980’s and early 90’s Larry and John – formally the Gillis Brothers – became one of the top bluegrass bands in the Nation. Recording on labels such as Hay Holler Harvest, Ray Davis’ Wango legendary “Basement Recordings”, and Rebel Records earning a spot on the “35 Years of the Best In Bluegrass 1960-1995”.

Larry and John will be in the Tinman Recording studio starting on a new Swampgrass CD which should be completed by the end of the year. And are also booking shows for 2017, so folks, you don’t want to miss these shows if you truly love the real and authentic bluegrass. This powerful ensemble of talented musicians can only be described as a hard-core, hard-driving, straight-up, traditional bluegrass band. With a sound that comes from the Deep South, and the admiration of the true legends of bluegrass music, their style is one of a kind. An original style that can only be tagged as the “Gillis sound” just flows out of this band and leaves the audience with a lasting impression that few forget. Are you ready for Larry & John Gillis and the Swampgrass Band? Yallllzzzzzaaaaa!

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