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Things We Do For Dreams by Trinity River Band

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Things We Do For DreamsCallahan, FL -- Trinity River Band’s popular new bluegrass album, Things I Do For Dreams, is now available for purchase at major retail outlets including iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, and more. The band released the physical album to their fans earlier this month on their website and at their label’s site, Orange Blossom Records.

Be sure to check out this month's issue of Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine for a feature article on the band titled “Faith, Family, Music.” The talented group includes: Sarah Harris - Lead & Harmony Vocal, Mandolin; Joshua Harris - Lead & Harmony Vocals, Banjo, Dobro; Brianna Harris - Lead & Harmony Vocals, Fiddle; and parents Lisa Harris - Harmony Vocals, Bass and Mike Harris - Lead & Harmony Vocals, Guitar.

Bluegrass music fans and radio stations are loving the fast-paced first single release, “Come Back Train” written by Jerry Salley and Cassidy Lynn Alexander. The song has been appearing on the Bluegrass Today Top 20 Song Chart and is currently #5 on the Roots Music Report's Top 50 Bluegrass Singles Chart.

Radio stations can access the album at (APD) or by request. Things We Do For Dreams hit #1 on the APD Top 50 Bluegrass Albums Chart earlier this month and jumped to #6 on the Roots Music Report’s Top 50 Bluegrass Album chart.

Things I Do For DreamsTracks and Songwriters include:

  1. "Between Me and Jolene" - Kim Fox, Brandon Rickman
  2. "Time’s A Crooked Thing" - Irene Kelley, Becky Buller
  3. "The Promised Land" - Fred Lehner, Andy Spooner
  4. "Lover’s Leap" - Sarah Harris
  5. "The Mirror" - Joie Scott, Bob Stewart
  6. "Ten Miles To Deep Gap" - Jack Lawrence
  7. "The Things We Do For Dreams" - Brink Brinkman, Tresa Jordan
  8. "Silver and Gold" - Carl Perkins, Greg Perkins, Stan Perkins
  9. "Right Where She Left Him" - Kim Fox, Craig Market
  10. "My Own Worst Enemy" - Sarah Harris
  11. "Secrets" - Sarah Harris
  12. "Come Back Train" - Jerry Salley, Cassidy Lynn Alexander (1st Single)

The group has been on an incredibly busy summer tour. For a complete tour schedule and more information on Trinity River Band, please visit and join them on Facebook and Twitter.

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