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New single from Jeff Scroggins & Colorado

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Bluegrass in the West is known for incorporating progressive, genre-bending influences, but few bands have perfected a blend of deep tradition and new trailblazing like Jeff Scroggins & Colorado. Hailing from the Western Frontier state of Colorado where the mountains run high and the air runs thin, the band brings together dizzyingly brilliant musicianship with powerhouse Appalachian vocals, a solid and energetic rhythm, and an easy stage banter that has delighted listeners all over the world.

"Sometimes Dig for Taters" is the group's latest single which has just been released to radio. It's a delightful romp with a dark edge from Seattle songwriter David Keenan. Lead singer Greg Blake excels on this track, tapping into his deep Appalachian roots from West Virginia, and Jeff Scroggins' banjo rolls like a rusty river. You can listen to the single on their web site at

Ramblin Feels GoodFronted by internationally acclaimed two-time National Banjo Champion ​Jeff Scroggins, who cites influences ranging from Don Reno and Alan Munde to Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, Scroggins’ joined by his son, the preternaturally gifted young mandolinist and tune composer Tristan Scroggins. The band’s vocalist Greg Blake grew up in southwest West Virginia, and when he sings, you can hear a voice that connects to the great old generations of mountain singers, invested with a rich twang and the kind of eerily powerful cry that first inspired the 'high, lonesome sound.'

On July 22, 2016, this hard-traveling band will release their newest album, Ramblin Feels Good, a collection of songs and instrumentals both original and from a wide variety of sources. For the album, the core trio of both Scroggins and Greg Blake is joined by star bluegrass fiddler Andy Leftwich, 2-time IBMA award winning bassist Mark Schatz (Bela Fleck, Linda Ronstadt), and harmony vocalists Don Rigsby (Charlie Sizemore), and David Peterson.

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