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Dale Perry Endorses Wilson Custom Banjos

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Steve Wilson, proudly announces the endorsement of his latest custom banjo model “The Guardian,” by veteran bluegrass banjo picker, Dale Perry. The two banjo players, Dale with David Parmley and Cardinal Tradition; and Steve, with Wilson Banjo Co., recently ran into each other at the Boxcar Pinion Memorial Bluegrass Festival in Chattanooga, TN., where “The Guardian” custom model landed in the hands of Mr. Perry for the first time. Not long after the test drive, the five string ended up on stage for the David Parmley and Cardinal Tradition’s second set. Dale later had this to say about his new instrument:

“The most attention grabbing feature of the Wilson custom banjo was the TONE. Everyone searches for the “pre-war” banjo tone and the Wilson banjo delivers it perfectly! The craftsmanship and style was an immediate fit for me. I love the simplicity of it. The greatest surprise was how lightweight the banjo is and it makes playing shows so much easier with the Wilson than all the heavier models I have played in the past. The banjo provides me with the TOTAL package that I have searched for. I am proud to attest to the beautiful, yet simple features, lightweight feeling and most of all, that “pre-war” tone of the Wilson custom banjo!”
-Dale Perry

Dale Perry was born in Crum, West Virginia and by age 11 was playing several instruments. His first professional gig was with the band Redwing. In 1985, he joined The Bluegrass Cardinals, lending his impressive bass playing and bass vocal skills to the band. Perry later went on to The Lonesome River Band and then spent 11 years with Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, first as the bass player and then moving to banjo. In 2003, Dale was reunited with David Parmley, joining the Continental Divide and is currently with David now as a member of the revived Cardinal Tradition band.

Dale is also the co-owner of Lakeside Recording Studio with David Parmley, located near his home in Gallatin, TN, and has produced a multitude of projects throughout his bluegrass career.

“I couldn’t ask for a better pair of banjo pickin’ hands to place a Wilson custom banjo into, or a nicer guy than Dale Perry. I have always appreciated his driving banjo and that traditional style and I am extremely proud to see one of my banjos on stage with him. A musician of that caliber and distinguished career needs a solid instrument that performs and leaves them feeling satisfied and I am glad that Dale has found that with Wilson Banjos.”
-Steve Wilson

To see and hear the Wilson custom banjo live and in person with Dale Perry, please click here on the David Parmley and Cardinal Tradition website for all of their tour dates. They are performing this evening at the 50th Annual Bill Monroe Memorial Bean Blossom Festival.

Steve Wilson started off as most musicians likely did, growing up with a love of playing music with his family. He developed a respect for the sound, look and feel of the instruments themselves. Later in life, he was fortunate to find himself working in Nashville at Gibson, within the Custom Art Shop, designing and building custom art guitars. Many of these were special orders for a long, esteemed list of players. He learned from the best, and this experience would leave an imprint on his life that stayed with him to this day.

While in Nashville, Steve also honed his craft in Bluegrass music, specifically, the Banjo, which quickly became his favorite and master instrument. Studying with many of the well-respected teachers in the area, playing countless hours with regional bands, and lending his talents in the recording studio from time to time, bluegrass music was definitely where Steve planned to hang his hat for the long haul.Upon exiting Gibson, Steve began his banjo building business and has since created the build and set up that brings out the tone that Dale Perry describes and everyone is always in search of. Steve is a custom luthier, building just one instrument at a time and does not maintain an inventory.

“A custom instrument should be just that, custom, to reflect that individual person, whether it’s with the setup or a cosmetic thing like the hardware or the inlay pattern or material.”
-Steve Wilson

Steve is also the founding member of the band Wilson Banjo Co., a direct result of the banjo building company and the CD release out last October called, “The Guardian,” recorded as a promotional tool to showcase the incredible sound of his custom instrument. For more information about Wilson Banjo Co., the instrument building or the band, log on to their website at

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